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WE20 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Being Curious— It’s a Lifelong Trait That Drives an Engineer.

What problem does it solve? How does it work? How can it work better? Fundamental questions we set out to answer. To answer questions about your career as an engineer and how to make it work better for you, plan to join us for 2020’s largest event for women in engineering and technology—WE20.

WE20 is now virtual!

We would like to thank our WE20 Host Committee and the City of New Orleans for continuously working with us in this transition.  We plan to be back in New Orleans for a conference in the future – we are anticipating experiencing the city in its entirety!

All Hybrid registrations will automatically be converted to virtual registrations.  The virtual conference platform will include many of our popular and traditional in-person activities throughout two official conference weeks, plus a bonus pre-conference week of SWE Leadership offerings.

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind interactive virtual experience!  And we welcome all attendees from throughout the globe!

Included, but not limited, will be the following events

  • Global Offerings
  • Virtual Lounges and Networking Suites
  • Our largest and best Career Fair, now virtual for your job- hunting success!
  • Organization Tech Talks and Information Sessions
  • 4 Keynote Sessions
  • 5 Mega Sessions + Special Interest General Sessions
  • Live, Semi-Live and OnDemand Breakout Sessions
  • Collegiate Competitions
  • Recognition for Award Recipients
  • And much more!

An updated virtual agenda and more information will become available in the upcoming weeks. Despite the redesign of the conference the SWE staff is working diligently to make sure that you can experience fresh and relevant content at a value price. Visit the conference website at we20.swe.org for updates and new information.

Finally, we are pleased that you are helping us make our all-virtual conference a success!

General Questions: Registration FAQs

Q: Where do I register?

A: Register at we20.swe.org.  For complete details on registration and registration categories, visit the registration information page.

Q. What Happens Next?

A: During the month of October, you will be sent a login and password and instructions for logging into the virtual platform.  You will enter a virtual lobby, where you can make many choices about where to go next. It’s just like being on site!

Q. Does WE20 accept group registration?

A: Yes!  Please visit https://www.xpressreg.net/register/SWEC1120/group/login.asp.  Keep in mind that each registrant will need a unique and non-sharable login and password in order to enter our virtual platform.

Q. Does WE20 have any additional costs outside of registration?

A: One registration fee will cover all virtual content with no exclusions.

Q: Where can I view registration costs?

A: Costs and benefits are posted at https://we20.swe.org/about/registration-information/

Q: I Have a Promotion Discount Code. Where Do I Use This?

A: This will be used at the first page of either the Professional or Collegiate registration. The Society of Women Engineers offers promotional discount codes for conference speakers, volunteers, faculty advisors, and award recipients. The discount is awarded to the prevailing rate, i.e., member or nonmember, early or late, etc. There is a strict limit of only one promotional code for each registration submitted.

NOTE: The exhibitor portal requires a company id code, which is an identifier and not a discount.

Q: What is The WE20 Cancellation Policy?

A:  Registration cancellations must be submitted in writing to Society of Women Engineers and received by August 31, 2020.

Q. How do I cancel my hotel reservation?

A:  The housing company will be charged with cancelling all hotel reservations that are in our system  Please visit our housing site with questions.  If you made your reservation directly with any New Orleans Hotel or a different third party, please be aware that you need to cancel the reservation yourself.   Please be sure to receive a valid cancellation notification when cancelling a room to make sure that you do not end up with an invalid reservation.

Q: Can an Attendee be Substituted?

A: An attendee may be substituted at any time before October 20, 2020. After that date, substitution is not guaranteed. If your registration is a different registrant type or category, the difference will need to be changed and charged. SWE does not permit the use of badge switching without official attendee substitution.

Q: How Are International Registrations Recorded and Charged?

A: All international registrations will be recorded and charged in U.S. Dollars.

Q: Does WE20 Accept Purchase Orders?

A: The Society of Women Engineers does NOT accept purchase orders as a form of payment. All registration fees must be paid by credit card.

WE20 Speaker and Volunteer Codes:

Q: I am an Accepted Speaker. How do I Get the Speaker Discount?

A: If you are an accepted as a WE20 presenter, you should have (or will be) sent the correct speaker code on your acceptance letter. If you did not receive it, contact conferencemanager@swe.org.

Q: I am an Accepted Volunteer. How do I Get a Discount?

A: Fulfilling a volunteer role at WE20 is easy and fun and makes you eligible to earn a registration refund post-event. It will take up to 30 days to process refunds and have them appear back in the accounts for those who have successfully completed their volunteer shift. If you fail to complete your assignment (no show), you will not receive your partial registration refund after the conference. Sign up for a WE20 volunteer shift here. 

Membership FAQs:

Q: What Qualifies Me as a Member?

A: In order to qualify for member rates, you must have a current individual membership, valid through the date of the event you are attending. You should have your own individual ID number. Otherwise, the non-member rate will be assessed, and membership will be included.  To apply for or renew membership before registering for conference, visit the SWE membership site before continuing to registration. No rate adjustments will be offered once the attendee has registered.

Q: I am a Member, but I am receiving a Non-Member Rate When Trying to Register

A: All SWE Memberships coincide with our Fiscal Year which runs from July 1st to June 30th. If you are receiving the Non-Member rate, it is because you have not yet renewed your SWE Membership for FY21. If you renew your SWE Membership online, you will then be provided the Member rate for the WE20 Conference.

Q: Does SWE Recognize members of Other Organizations, i.e. SHPE, NSBE or AISES?

A: SWE does not honor memberships from any other organization for WE20. You must be a member of SWE.

Programming FAQs

Q: How do I View Detailed Events?

A: Once you are registered and the virtual platform is live, you will receive individual login instructions, and you must create a username and password.  The navigation to the daily schedule, Career Fair, education events, highlights, and the various social activities will be easy and clear.  And we will have an entire support team to help you as well as technical support from our vendor  Please visit conferencemanager@swe.org with questions once the platform is open.  Additionally, you will be able to take notes, participate in fun gamification, evaluate sessions, participate in chat, network, with friends and colleagues, and much more!

Q: What are the WE20 Educational Tracks?

  • Advocacy and Outreach
  • Career Management & Development
  • Inclusion & Cultural Awareness
  • Technical Innovations
  • Self-Management & Development
  • Strategic Leadership

Q. Who Should Attend WE20?

  • Collegians & Graduate Students
  • Early-Career Professional
  • Mid-Career Professional
  • Experienced-Career Professional
  • Executive Leaders
  • Late Career and Retired Professionals

There are so many diverse events offered at WE20 through the virtual platforms, including lecture sessions, panels, and lightning talks, keynotes, mega sessions and just about anything else that will provide education, insight, and some fun!

Q: What are some highlights to date?


  • Laura Maxwell, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain for Frito-Lay.
  • Sundari Mitra, Vice President, General Manager of SEG, Intel Corporation
  • Jennifer Rumsey, Vice President, Cummins Inc., President-Components Business
  • Linda Ducharme, President of Upstream and Integrated Solutions, ExxonMobil

Mega Sessions:

  • Please check back soon for info!

Q.  Will WE20 Have Tours?

A: WE20 will have technical tours available on our virtual platform.  Please check back soon.

WE20 Career Fair FAQs

Q: I am an Attendee. Can You Tell Me More About THE WE20 Career Fair?

A: This is your best opportunity to meet prospective employers from a wide range of industries.  View our WE20 exhibiting companies real time by visiting the virtual career fair section of we20.swe.org. Much more to come!!

Exhibitor FAQs:

Q: I am Interested in Becoming an Exhibitor. How do I Sign up?

A: If you are interested in exhibiting, please visit this link.

Contact: Judy.Burke@swe.org
Phone: 312-325-7466
130 E. Randolph St.
Suite 3500
Chicago, Il 60601
For exhibitor registration questions, contact:  Rachel.Jessen@swe.org
For any general exhibits questions, contact:  Sergio.Camargo@swe.org

SWE Policy and Procedures FAQs:

Q: Does WE20 Have Rules, Regulations and Code of Conduct?

A: Yes, the same policy and procedures that apply to the face-to-face meeting will apply to our virtual meeting.  Please check back for our code of conduct policies.

Q. What Are SWE’s Rules on Photography and Video?

A: Participants agree that WE20 official photographers and videographers will take general video during the conference and their image may be used for marketing purposes for print, electronic, and other media, including the website.

Q. What should I wear?

A: For your comfort, business casual is appropriate, especially if you are on camera at any time.

Q. What happens if there is a schedule change?

A: SWE will be updating our attendees through a daily email and other times throughout the day.  At times it might be necessary to cancel or reschedule a session or event.  WE20 will provide as much notice as possible through the platform.  Remember that all official sessions will be recorded and available to all registered attendees.

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