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Conference Schedule

The WE20 Virtual Conference includes 3 new session formats.

  1. Live Sessions: Sessions are scheduled and conducted on the WE20 Virtual Conference platform with live Q&A
  2. Semi-Live Sessions: Semi-live sessions, tech talks, and information sessions are pre-recorded sessions that are released on a specific day and time with live chat available
  3. On-Demand Sessions: On-demand sessions are pre-recorded sessions available to play within the WE20 Virtual Conference platform without chat. On-Demand sessions are added to the conference daily!
  4. Other Formats:  Special Events, On-Demand Yoga, and On-Demand and Live Meditation Lounge

Preconference Leadership Week – October 26-30

Sessions Available On-Demand

  • SWE Leadership:  The Art of Leading Without a Management Title
  • SWE Leadership:  Bigger on the Inside:  Expanding Your Section’s Digital Toolbox
  • SWE Leadership:  Exploring Employer-Based Diversity Within SWE Through Affinity Groups
  • SWE Leadership:  Lead Your Collegiate Section to SWEet Success
  • SWE Leadership:  Listen to Lead: Active Listening Strategies for Leaders
  • SWE Leadership:  Self-Care is More than a Spa Day: Preventing Leadership Burnout
  • SWE Leadership:  Sharing Your SWE Power: Developing Community Outreach as a Collegiate
  • SWE Leadership:  Tackling Global Problems with Local Solutions
  • SWE Leadership:  Unleash the SWE Leader in You!
  • SWE Leadership:  Whole Leadership: Connecting SWE Leadership and Work Experiences
  • SWE Leadership:  Your SWE Resume: Standing out from Other Applicants


  • SWE Archives Virtual Tour

Invite-Only Events:

  • Collegiate Leadership Institute Networking (CLI) with Professional SWE members
  • Fellows Tea
  • Graduate Student Meeting
  • Life Members Reception (Virtual)
  • Past President’s Reception
  • Rapid Resume Review

SWE Business:

  • Board of Directors Meeting (Invite-Only)
  • Board of Trustees with Scholarship Meeting (Invite-Only)
  • Bylaws Committee Meeting (Invite-Only)
  • Editorial Board Meeting (Invite-Only)
  • Engaging Your SWE Section in Local & Federal Public Policy – Wednesday, October 28 – 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. CT
  • MAL Summit (Invite-Only)
  • Membership Meeting – Friday, October 30 – 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. CT **
  • Nominating Committee (Invite-Only)
  • Senate & Bylaws Committee Meeting (Invite-Only)
  • SWE Committee Meet-ups**
  • SWE Outreach Committee Open House
  • Town Hall Meeting – Friday, October 30 – 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. CT *

**Visit we20.swe.org for meeting information updates for the meet-ups, Membership Meeting and Town Hall  


  • Special Member Meet-up:  Why you Should Apply for a Program Development Grant, Wednesday, October 28 – 7:00 p.m. CT
  • Special Member Meet-up:  Mentoring Facilitation Workgroup, Tuesday, October 27 – 7:00 p.m. CT

Daily Agenda: November 2-13, 2020

DateStartEndTitleSession TypeSession TrackDescriptionMore Information
Monday, November 29:00 AM9:45 AMChevron Information SessionSemi-LiveInformation Session Description Coming Soon!
Monday, November 210:00 AM10:45 AMBreaking Glass: How a Leadership Development Program Can Help WomenLiveCareer Management & DevelopmentWhat is an Engineering Leadership Development Program and how can it help you accelerate your career? In this session, we will discuss the purpose and describe the aspects of an engineering leadership development program. We will explore the lifecycle of a program, discuss the benefits and challenges for participants and walk through a real-life example to show you how to assess a program against your personal development goals and determine if the fit is right for you.
Monday, November 210:00 AM10:45 AMDiscover Tech TalkSemi-LiveTech Talk Description Coming Soon!
Monday, November 211:00 AM11:45 AMThe Power of #EmotionalIntelligenceLiveSelf-Management & DevelopmentHow well do you know yourself? Is managing your emotions effortless or #TeamTooMuch? The purpose of this session is to define emotional intelligence, give tips and tricks on how to learn more about yourself, and manage those sensations in your work and personal life. Emotional intelligence (EQ) has been summarized as monitoring and managing one’s emotions in order to use the information to guide thinking and behavior. According to Daniel Goleman , an American psychologist who helped to propagate emotional intelligence, there are five key fundamentals to EQ: Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Motivation, Empathy, and Social skills. This session will dive deep into these fundamentals through an interactive, unique, inspirational discussion and fun activities to ultimately increase each participant’s power of EQ.
Monday, November 211:00 AM11:45 AMCummins Information SessionSemi-LiveInformation Session Description Coming Soon!
Monday, November 212:00 PM1:00 PMMega Session: Erica Dhawan, Digital Body Language: The New Rules of Trust and CollaborationLiveSpecial EventWhen your new boss replies “fine!” are they actually fine… or are they angry? Do you wait hours to get clarification on a vague e-mail? Did that weekend text message from your project partner irritate you? We are collaborating faster and more often than ever before. We feel like we’re connected – but are we really? We save time using email, right? But then we end up using all of that ‘saved’ time to clarify what we meant in the first place. In person, we can clarify context immediately. We rely on body language and tone to grasp the real meaning. With our digital walls up, we lose subtext and nuance. We all leave an impression on each other. If someone doesn’t text back for hours or even days, do you think they are being rude? Is using an emoji or LOL unprofessional, or creating a human connection with others? What impression does your boss, team, or fellow students think of your digital behavior? In this mega session, you will learn how to master Digital Body Language, the new cues and signals that help advance your career and help anyone build trust and influence in a digital age.
Monday, November 21:00 PM1:45 PMNational Security Agency Tech Talk: Security Cloud != A Security CloudSemi-LiveTech Talk The cloud was not built for security. As security technologists, historically chasing developers or IT team around, we may view an upcoming cloud transition or adoption with fear, misunderstanding, or hardship. Perhaps our organization purchased some security project that will make our lives better, but we learn that it doesn’t contextualize the mountain of findings in that single pane of glass after all, in fact it gives us more work with less understanding. Now we have a list of things we may not understand and certainly cannot just hand it to a team and say “fix this.” It does not need to be this way; it should not be this way. Security has been around a long time, and while its implementation may change, the core principles never do. When I look to the cloud, I see transparent security enforcement, better visibility, increased risk reduction, and a new culture. As security technologists, you should feel empowered to support your teams in delivering a better, more secure product, efficiently and at increased velocity. We should be astounded with the speed that a fully patched, hardened workload replaced with vulnerable production instance and how very little human involvement was needed to make it happen.
Monday, November 21:30 PM1:45 PMBe the Tide That Lifts All Boats: Sisterhood and InclusionSemi-LiveInclusion & Cultural AwarenessCharting your course and tackling challenges can seem insurmountable as you move further into your career. When you become comfortable with leaning on others for support, success becomes a team sport. Together we can drop the mentality that someone’s success is your failure. By incorporating inclusion into daily practice, we can build a support network and learn to be a cheerleader for your peers and find your passion and drive along the way.
Monday, November 22:00 PM2:45 PMBreaking Down Forever Chemicals: Demystification Courtesy of Science and EngineeringLiveTechnical Innovations“You may have seen the vaguely ominous term “forever chemicals” popping up in news reports. But what exactly are these forever chemicals? Should we be worried about them and, if so, why should we be worried? And what is or what can be done to protect our water supplies? Per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) or forever chemicals are chemicals used in the manufacture of many industrial and consumer products including fire-fighting foams, cookware, cosmetics, paints, food wrappers, and many more items and the latest emerging contaminant of focus in water supplies. The chemical characteristics that make them useful in our daily lives also make them challenging to manage in the environment. This presentation provides a background on this class of chemicals, discusses the science behind their use and the state of the technology for managing treatment in our water supplies, and outlines what is being done doing to regulate them.”
Monday, November 22:00 PM2:45 PMBoston Scientific Information Session: Boston Scientific – Where Caring is at our Core Semi-LiveInformation Session Supporting women in the workplace is a significant part of our diversity and inclusion efforts, and one of the reasons we have been recognized by Working Mother as a Top 100 company for our progressive life/work policies and programs. Join Boston Scientific to learn how our culture of caring and winning spirit are helping to drive meaningful innovation for patients around the world. Our session will be a moderated panel discussion with female engineers at various stages of their careers, who will share their individual journeys, professional development, and unique experiences working at Boston Scientific. We look forward to having you at our session!
Monday, November 23:00 PM3:30 PMLeading Through a Pandemic: Managing Tomorrow’s WorkforceSemi-LiveStrategic Leadership2020 brought about a new reality for today’s workforce. As health organizations, governments, and employers worked to stifle the spread of COVID-19, efforts to communicate rapidly-changing policies, best practices, and updates varied significantly from source to source. With only the 1918 influenza pandemic and real-time situations across China, Italy, and other hard-hit countries to serve as a precedent, many were left with an overwhelming feeling of “What do I do now?” and “What do we do next?” Employers across the globe relied on front-line managers to keep workers billable, accessible, healthy, and calm as businesses closed offices, schools shut down, and the economy battled with volatility. Managers found their staff dealing with the new reality of virtual workspaces, homeschooling, and/or maintaining adequate communication with the outside world. Come learn how managers from large to small corporations and a water/power utility successfully navigated the pandemic and emerged on the other side.
Monday, November 23:00 PM3:45 PMPaycom Tech TalkSemi-LiveTech Talk Description Coming Soon!
Monday, November 24:00 PM4:45 PMABB Information Session: Perspectives from ABB’s Women in STEMSemi-LiveInformation Session At ABB, science and engineering careers can take a variety of shapes and forms, and we will be showcasing all the possibilities by interviewing women who are in different stages of their careers and represent the four business areas of ABB: Electrification, Industrial Automation, Motion, and Robotics & Discrete Automation.
Monday, November 23:45 PM4:40 PMFinding Your Voice as a #MeToo Survivor and Empowering AdvocacyLiveInclusion & Cultural AwarenessSexual Assault. You never expect it to happen to you or someone you know, and if it does, it is easy to feel helpless. I will share the story of my own sexual assault that happened while I was a freshman in undergrad. Healing is a long process and can extend long past the time of trauma. I will also share my struggle in the aftermath, both in undergrad and graduate school, and how I was able to find my voice while overcoming obstacles throughout the journey. Attendees will learn about the resources available for survivors on college campuses and how to find them, examples include, support groups and health professionals. This session will enable all attendees to be effective advocates for themselves and others through several tools and techniques. Survivors will also learn how sharing their stories can be empowering. Survivors, you are not alone. #MeToo
Monday, November 24:45 PM5:15 PMThrow Away the Band-aids: Implementing Change with Minimal PainSemi-LiveCareer Management & DevelopmentOuch! Organizational change can be very challenging and painful, even when there is planning upfront. Some people embrace it with open arms and accept the benefit of the ever-evolving universe, while others push back until their back is facing the wall and there is no way out! Change does not have to be severe and intimidating though. This session will arm you with useful new tools, like the Design Sprint method, to enable you to quickly implement effective changes with minimal pain and suffering. Design Sprint allows teams to embrace change by translating art into solutions.
Monday, November 25:30 PM6:00 PMSelf-Care: Virtual Mindfulness Lounge™ Description Coming Soon!
Tuesday, November 39:00 AM9:45 AMAbbvie Information Session: Using Innovation to Make a Remarkable Impact on the Lives of PatientsLiveInformation Session Have you ever wondered what engineers can do at a biopharmaceutical company? Join us and hear from engineers at AbbVie! AbbVie is an innovation-driven, patient-focused specialty biopharmaceutical company focused on delivering innovative medicines and making a remarkable impact on people’s lives. In this information session, AbbVie panelists from various points in their career journey will share how they use their STEM backgrounds to “make possibilities real” for our patients. Engage with our panelists to learn more about the range of career paths at AbbVie and how YOUR background can make an impact.
Tuesday, November 310:00 AM10:45 AMStand out! Pitch Yourself and Own the Career FairLiveStrategic LeadershipWant to get noticed? Stand out from the masses by mastering your elevator pitch! Learn how to showcase your professional value and experience so that your audience wants to learn more. We’ll walk through the components, the crafting process, and when to use!
Tuesday, November 310:00 AM10:45 AMBooz Allen Hamilton Tech TalkSemi-LiveTech Talk Join Booz Allen Hamilton engineers in discussing the exciting technology solutions they are working on in data analytics, environmental science, embedded software engineering, and edge computing! Learn how data and climate scientists use machine learning to predict pollution entering local waterways. Explore NAVIGATE-3D, a tool developed by engineers to help regulators streamline large-scale environmental reviews. Experience a crash course on how embedded software engineers solve problems with limited resources on the “dark side” of software. Discover how edge technology enables us to use artificial intelligence (AI) to make decisions in the field in the moments that matter most.
Tuesday, November 311:00 AM11:45 AMHow Functional Color is Changing the Game in Additive ManufacturingLiveTechnical InnovationsRecent advancements in color 3D printing technologies have opened up new opportunities in manufacturing and production applications. Full color additive manufacturing has been around for many years but historically had limitations in strength, cost, aesthetics, and color breadth. Now multiple industries are taking advantage of the customization and speed made possible by 3D printing. Functional color printing is already enabling innovation across medical, consumer products, education, and architecture with industry-changing impact. Some applications include prototyping, tooling, models, decoration, customization/personalization, product design, and branding. In this session we will deep dive into examples of how functional color has already made a huge impact and explain how these successful applications can translate to other industries throughout the world and transform your business.
Tuesday, November 311:00 AM11:45 AMIntel Information SessionSemi-LiveInformation Session Description Coming Soon!
Tuesday, November 312:00 PM12:15 PMWhen Passion Isn’t Enough– Lessons Learned from Quitting my Ph.DSemi-LiveSelf-Management & DevelopmentMost of the time, success stories thrive on this idea of passion that perseveres. There is a perception that sexism, racism, and even poverty can be overcome with passion and determination. The truth is: passion is not enough. If most PhD students who become ABD have the academic ability to succeed and the passion that led them to a PhD in the first place, why do so many of us quit? Why did I quit? This session discusses the importance of choosing a mentor and program that aligns with your values, learning styles, and ultimate goals; as well as tips to recognize burnout and realize when you need to reach out.
Tuesday, November 312:00 PM12:45 PMNorthrop Grumman Corporation Tech Talk: Digital Transformation – Optimizing OutcomesSemi-LiveTech Talk Join us for a closer look into how Northrop Grumman leverages Digital Transformation to help drive innovation and optimize performance. Mike Bracken, sector vice president, Engineering & Sciences, Mission Systems sector, will host a discussion with four Northrop Grumman female executives who will share how their collective efforts are contributing to the company’s Digital Transformation. You will hear firsthand about their personal experiences and innovations.
Tuesday, November 312:30 PM1:15 PMLeadership, Love, Literature and Lessons in the Time of COVID-19LiveStrategic LeadershipIf you are fortunate enough to have a long career in this business, you’ll see when you look back that everything you learn braids together to create your unique perspective. You know how you sat through French Literature class in college, and had to read La Peste by Camus and you thought that you’d never EVER think about it again? Or the Bill Gates TED talk you scrolled past in 2015 about how a virus was more of a threat than a nuke? Join Kathy and Christy as they walk you through their insights from experiences leading Crisis Management Teams in two different companies through COVID-19. As women of Science, we gather facts, implement plans, measure results and adjust. THEN we test those decisions with the human side of dealing with a large number of people looking to leadership for actionable direction. We’re predicting what we will share in November.
Tuesday, November 31:00 PM1:45 PMYour Mission is Ours: Lockheed Martin Information SessionSemi-LiveInformation Session Hear about the many exciting jobs and internships available at Lockheed Martin! Lockheed Martin is a highly diversified $24 billion advanced technology company and the strategic leader in the aerospace industry with major positions in information systems, software development, space, launch vehicles, aeronautics, electronics, environmental services, and energy programs. The vision of the Corporation is to be the world’s premier systems engineering and technology enterprise. To meet that vision, Lockheed Martin will continue to build on its history of success in identifying and capitalizing on key information systems, electronic, aerospace, and energy technologies.
Tuesday, November 31:00 PM2:00 PMCLI: Upgrading Your Personal Operating System: Evaluating and Enhancing your Personal Leadership Style (Invitation Only)LiveSpecial EventYou are resilient. However, the challenges presented by COVID-19, from the stress of completing college classes in an online environment to envisioning a future workforce changed by a global pandemic, are unprecedented. Now is not the time to work harder; it’s the time to upgrade your personal leadership operating system so that you are energized when you think about how to make the most of the upcoming challenges. Participants in this session will complete an assessment in order to identify their own leadership style, then learn about opportunities and challenges of each available style and record their findings in the CLI Career Readiness Handbook.
Tuesday, November 31:30 PM1:45 PMInvisible Illness in the WorkplaceSemi-LiveInclusion & Cultural AwarenessAn “invisible” illness is one in which the signs and symptoms of illness are not present on the outside of the body. As a result, it is impossible to know that someone is sick, without being notified by the person directly. There are millions of people in the world today, who are battling “invisible” illnesses. Examples of “invisible” illnesses include Crohn’s disease, Lupus, and even Cancer. The purpose of this presentation is to spread awareness of these diseases and to provide organizations with strategies on how to handle these illnesses in the workplace.
Tuesday, November 32:00 PM2:45 PMGeneral Dynamics Tech TalkSemi-LiveTech Talk Description Coming Soon!
Tuesday, November 32:00 PM2:45 PM“Hidden Figures” – Surprise Findings from NSF and Other SourcesLiveAdvocacy & OutreachMany STEM studies have been published with copious amounts of data that can be “mined” to yield some surprising findings. This paper will extract findings from the rich data behind the 2018 U.S. National Science Foundation’s Science and Engineering Indicators study and other related sources to present information about women and underrepresented minorities in engineering and computer science, as well as trends in graduate degrees in engineering and computer science granted in the U.S. Extractions of the data will be presented against the backdrop of emerging and future technologies and trends, along with potential implications for the future in terms of technology, innovation, economics, immigration policy, etc. The speaker will engage attendees in a discussion of these findings and will solicit their ideas to address some of the concerns brought to light.
Tuesday, November 33:00 PM3:30 PMEngage Systems You Need to Live the Life You WantSemi-LiveSelf-Management & DevelopmentAre you the “vacuum” of others’ lives? Absorbing every worry, mental load, and task as you fulfill multiple roles of chef, chauffeur, caregiver, coach, therapist, employee and house cleaner—just to name a few? Have you put your dreams, relationships, health, and personal happiness on hold to live a life that is dedicated to others? Even if you’ve tried hundreds of times before, today’s session will help you break that cycle so you can “drop the vacuum” and start living the life you want—right now. Today’s interactive session will provide you with thought-provoking questions to clarify your vision, actionable steps to reach your goals, and the conversational tools to counter obstacles and all the ifs, ands, and buts. You only have one life—how will you choose to live it?
Tuesday, November 33:00 PM3:45 PMMerck & Co. Information Session: An Engineer’s Guide to Demystifying the Pharmaceutical IndustrySemi-LiveInformation Session For over 125 years, Merck has been inspired by a shared vision and mission to save and improve lives. With a surge in engineering degrees and increase in demand for healthcare, the pharmaceutical industry is positioned well in terms of attracting and hiring talent, or are they? This industry has been prone to myths that can deter talent away from pursuing career opportunities in pharma, but we’re here to clear the air, and share with you the impact engineers make from drug research and development all the way to production and distribution. Join us for a robust conversation with several of Merck’s engineers across the Enterprise as they walk you through what #InventingForLife looks like at Merck, through the lens of an engineer!
Tuesday, November 33:45 PM4:30 PMThe Why and How of Being on a Corporate BoardLiveCareer Management & DevelopmentWe need more women on corporate boards. You’ve probably heard this statement a lot, but why do we need more women on corporate boards? How do you know when you’re qualified for this step and if you are, how do you go about becoming a corporate board member? If you’re someone who is interested in the answers to these questions, you’ll want to join this inspiring session as Stacey DelVecchio interviews corporate board member Jill Tietjen. Not only has Jill been on the board of directors of Merrick & Company for 10 years and Georgia Transmission Corporate for 23 years, she’s also devoted countless hours to help women get on corporate boards. A must-see session for the aspiring corporate board member.
Tuesday, November 34:00 PM4:45 PMNational Security Agency Tech Talk: Iot, If It Can Be Connected, It Will Be ConnectedSemi-LiveTech Talk The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing larger and more complex every day, and it’s just one of the emerging technologies that the National Security Agency (NSA) is assessing as billions more devices are connected. The increase in IoT ecosystems and dependent technologies means the potential for cyber threats abound as more devices are connected—with relatively little built-in security—and bad actors become more adept in the use of cyber toolkits. And these risks aren’t just from the devices themselves: IoT products often come with sensors that generate new types of data about individuals and their environment. These devices represent a growing attack surface where vulnerabilities abound. Come learn how NSA is thinking about IoT and adapting to the future of cybersecurity.
Tuesday, November 34:45 PM5:15 PMTalking about Responding to Implicit Gender Bias with Your TeamSemi-LiveInclusion & Cultural AwarenessNSF reports have encouraged action to mitigate bias and its influence—particularly in STEM fields— because of its negative impact on underrepresented individuals (i.e., individuals report leaving STEM fields because of such bias). Tackling implicit bias is particularly important because it hurts efforts to broaden representation and to build an inclusive climate. As students increasingly work in teams, they need to be given practical, yet safe, ways of learning how to be inclusive team members. In several studies, we had students watch videotaped instances of implicit gender bias and then discuss how they’d respond with their team. Current training tools (i.e., Implicit Association Test) don’t allow students to practice such skill-building. In this workshop, we will let participants experience the training tool before discussing the findings to demonstrate the effectiveness of the tool in waking the majority of students up to the negative effects of bias in teams.
Wednesday, November 49:00 AM9:45 AMNorthrop Grumman Executive Session: Agility and Leadership in Challenging TimesLiveSpecial EventCOVID-19, civil unrest and natural disasters are examples of unexpected events that affect a society and its citizens. In today’s workplace, a leader can and will encounter a number of events that can impact productivity and employees’ emotional and physical wellbeing. An effective leader will be agile in managing during uncertain or stressful situations. In this session, our leaders will discuss how they have been successful in navigating through the current pandemic and civil unrest that has impacted communities and corporations. They will share anecdotal stories and provide tips on how current and future leaders can effectively manage teams and lead during uncertain and changing times.
Wednesday, November 410:00 AM10:45 AMSucceeding as an “Only” In the Workplace: PanelLiveSelf-Management & DevelopmentAccording to a study by McKinsey, since 2015, the first year of this study, corporate America has made almost no progress in improving women’s representation. From the outset, fewer women than men are hired at the entry level. Women of color are the most underrepresented group of all—behind white men, men of color, and white women. You will hear from a few female engineers, who are also of color, on their experiences with how they succeeded as an “only” in the workplace.
Wednesday, November 410:00 AM11:00 AMNational Security Agency Tech Talk #3Semi-LiveTech Talk Description Coming Soon!
Wednesday, November 411:00 AM11:45 AMOverlooked Talent: Women of Color in EngineeringLiveInclusion & Cultural AwarenessAccording to the Women of Color in the Engineering Workplace study published by SWE and NSBE, only 4% of engineering degrees are earned by women of color. Furthermore, women of color make up less than 2% of all engineering professionals. This session will address intersectionality in engineering as it applies to women of color and the distinct disadvantages they experience as their race and gender overlap. We will discuss why they are underrepresented and undervalued in engineering and identify ways to rise above and build a community of support that invests in their potential. Come listen to the panel speakers talk about their experiences as women of color in engineering and how they have been able to overcome unique challenges and make their voices heard.
Wednesday, November 411:00 AM3:00 PMVirtual Career FairLive Career Fair The WE20 Career Fair includes three exhibit halls: Corporate Partnership Council (CPC), Academic, and General. Attendees are able to visit each booth by “walking” the halls or going directly to a booth through the search functionality. Once at a booth, attendees have the option to text chat, video chat, see career opportunities, watch videos and download exhibitor materials. The Career Fair Exhibitor may pre-schedule interviews/screenings or might host an “on the spot” interview with attendees. They also receive a user report with each attendees’ profile and details about how they interacted with their booth and recruiters. With this information, they may reach out after WE20 to initiate a or continue the conversation.
Wednesday, November 411:00 AM11:45 AMRockwell Automation Information Session: “Your Dream Company”Semi-LiveInformation Session Join us to learn more about Rockwell Automation, the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information. Hear from a panel of diverse women who have excelled in their respective careers at Rockwell Automation. Find out why you want to be part of our team. You will leave this session feeling informed, inspired, and excited to join our company! This panel discussion is designed for students and professionals interested in learning about Rockwell Automation. The panelists will also share personal stories about their career journey, growth opportunities, and corporate culture that make Rockwell Automation a great place to work.
Wednesday, November 412:00 PM1:00 PMMega Session: Selena Rezvani – Negotiate Like a Boss: How to be a Fierce Self-AdvocateLiveSpecial EventGone are the days when negotiating was only for a performance review, job interview or the big pitch. Professional women negotiate all day every day—for better project deadlines, to resolve a standstill within a team—even to take their PTO. How can you make the most of these conversations—regardless of whether it’s with a direct report, boss, peer or customer? Leveraging tips from her award-winning book, PUSHBACK: How Smart Women Ask–and Stand Up–for What They Want, Selena Rezvani teaches you how to prepare for these daily negotiations, flex your style based on the topic or person with whom you’re negotiating, manage trade offs, and get the “Yes” answer you need.
Wednesday, November 41:00 PM1:45 PMJPMorgan Chase Tech TalkSemi-LiveTech Talk Description Coming Soon!
Wednesday, November 41:30 PM1:45 PMWE Beyond SWE: Championing Diversity & Inclusion in the WorkplaceSemi-LiveInclusion & Cultural AwarenessSo you want to promote D&I at your job but don’t know where to start? Fortunately (or perhaps, unfortunately), no company has it all figured out, and it is our responsibility – no matter our profession or position – to play an active role in facilitating environments where everyone is excited to share their authentic selves at work. In this session, you will learn more about how we’ve been able to spearhead our own diversity empowerment initiatives in the workplace as early career professionals, both at a 40-person company and in a 4000-employee organization within a multinational company. Whether your company has an existing initiative or you’re starting fresh, you’ll walk away with key tips on taking those first steps to transforming your culture at work.
Wednesday, November 42:00 PM2:45 PMDell Information SystemSemi-LiveInformation Session Description Coming Soon!
Wednesday, November 42:00 PM2:45 PMTransforming Yourself in this World of Mergers and AcquisitionsLiveCareer Management & DevelopmentHave you faced a transition to a new job role or company either by choice or by corporate merger/acquisition? Joining a new organization with a new culture, new IT systems and a new set of rules can be challenging. Come to this panel session where three women who have gone through huge career transitions will share their experiences about how to be successful in different organizations, different companies and different job roles.
Wednesday, November 43:00 PM3:30 PMA Workplace Mental Health Story – My JourneySemi-LiveSelf-Management & DevelopmentIn this talk, Trudy Kortes, 30 year NASA veteran and STEM speaker, will talk about her experiences with mental health in the workplace including her personal situation that led to an acute mental health crisis, what she did in concert with her employer about it, and how she recovered to thrive in a new career role. She will also talk about why it’s critical for leaders to understand these experiences and help make a more empathetic work environment.” This session will describe the speaker’s experience with a personal hardship that led to decision fatigue and the resulting career impact. She will also describe dealing with mental health issues in a supervisory capacity. In this compelling storytelling session, the speaker with inspire others with issues on how to address them with their employer, and hopefully shine some light on what is a very normal experience during the course of anyone’s lifetime.
Wednesday, November 43:00 PM3:45 PMLockheed Martin Tech Talk: Fire walking: A Female Perspective on Breaking Barriers in Technical FieldsSemi-LiveTech Talk In 2018, only ~20% of all jobs in technology were held by women (Source: Small Business Trends) and yet Fortune 500 companies with at least 3 women in leading positions saw a 66% increase in ROI (Source: Women Who Tech). In this panel, several women from across the Lockheed Martin Corporation who have achieved top technical positions will share their unique experiences on how they have bypassed firewalls to enter a male dominated field while opening doors for others to do the same.
Wednesday, November 43:45 PM4:30 PMPower of a NudgeLiveStrategic LeadershipNudging is a tool every leader should have in their toolbox. Nudging is making a subtle suggestion in a powerful way, while letting the person or the team make the final decisions. This presentation will be most helpful to those with strong opinions, passion to improve, and ambition to be a servant leader. A nudge is a way to lead without authority or positional power. In this interactive session we will create a toolset of strong nudges to take your team to the next level. Build subtle yet powerful nudges and practice different ways to lead by nudging.
Wednesday, November 44:00 PM4:45 PM Ford Information Session: Built Ford Tough: An Inside Look at Ford Motor CompanySemi-LiveInformation Session For over 100 years, Ford Motor Company had been a powerhouse of American innovation and manufacturing. Come hear what a day in the life of a Ford engineer is like in four different areas of our company, as well as how Ford has been navigating obstacles and supporting our country during the pandemic. Ford is excited to share an inside look at our company, our culture, and our career opportunities with you.
Wednesday, November 44:45 PM5:15 PMAlone Amongst Many: Finding New Community Connections as a TransplantSemi-LiveCareer Management & DevelopmentAcross your collegiate and professional career, you may be faced with the daunting decision of whether or not to move to a new area. And, if or when you move from your established community area to a brand-new area, you can find yourself feeling very alone. You may even find yourself wondering what you can do to establish a new personal community…and there are so many options to build those connections that it may feel overwhelming! Our panel of speakers are all transplants – in some cases, from coast to coast or even country to country. They will share what worked for them, what didn’t, and what they wished they would have done differently.
Thursday, November 510:00 AM11:00 AMKeynote Presentation: Laura Maxwell, PepsicoLiveSpecial EventAs an engineer and supply chain leader, Laura Maxwell has a true passion for speaking to students and professional women about taking this road less-traveled. All too often, there are little signals that lead to internal doubt about capability or even a decision to step away from STEM. These doubts can in fact be overcome and replaced with a sense of purpose, pioneering and inner strength. In her WE20 keynote, Laura teaches us that learning to recognize doubts, seizing opportunities, and being true to your personal style are just a few ways that we can fuel self-confidence and cast aside the doubt.
Thursday, November 511:00 AM3:00 PMTeam Tech Competition (Invitation Only)LiveCollegiate CompetitionDescription Coming Soon!
Thursday, November 511:00 AM3:00 PMVirtual Career FairLiveCareer Fair The WE20 Career Fair includes three exhibit halls: Corporate Partnership Council (CPC), Academic, and General. Attendees are able to visit each booth by “”walking”” the halls or going directly to a booth through the search functionality. Once at a booth, attendees have the option to text chat, video chat, see career opportunities, watch videos and download exhibitor materials. The Career Fair Exhibitor may pre-schedule interviews/screenings or might host an “”on the spot”” interview with attendees. They also receive a user report with each attendees’ profile and details about how they interacted with their booth and recruiters. With this information, they may reach out after WE20 to initiate a or continue the conversation.
Thursday, November 511:00 AM11:45 AMWhirlpool Information SessionSemi-LiveInformation Session Description Coming Soon!
Thursday, November 511:15 AM12:00 PM“Can She Turn a Wrench?” Recognizing Bias and Influencing ChangeLiveInclusion & Cultural AwarenessThis interactive workshop will help you recognize how unconscious bias incites uncomfortable interactions in your workplace. You will practice identifying bias through situational awareness and self-reflection. We will draw examples from real experiences and illustrate best practices to mitigate these uncomfortable situations. Expect to leave with methods you can use to notice bias in your own life and an action plan to influence organizational change within your own company.
Thursday, November 512:00 PM12:45 PMChevron Information Session #2Semi-LiveInformation Session Description Coming Soon!
Thursday, November 512:15 PM1:00 PMMake a Difference! Empower the (SWE)Next GenerationLiveAdvocacy & OutreachThe primary goals of the SWENext program are to establish a rich community experience, encourage SWE identity, and provide leadership training and college preparation to pre-college girls. SWE identity happens when girls have positive and prolonged experiences with SWE members and the SWE community. Local experiences are a key way to achieve this. We need the help of every SWE member to attract, engage, counsel, and support the next generation of women engineers through the SWENext program. This workshop will give an overview of how the SWENext program works, share best practices, and explain how you can personally get involved to recruit, interact with, empower, and inspire SWENexters, whether in Clubs or as individuals. When you interact with SWENexters, you’ll be inspired, too! Every participant will receive a tool kit of resources you can use, either as an individual or as a SWE section, to create your inspirational SWENext encounters.
Thursday, November 51:00 PM1:45 PMCadenceTech TalkSemi-LiveTech Talk Description Coming Soon!
Thursday, November 51:00 PM2:00 PMCLI: The Lies of the Imposter Complex (Invitation Only)LiveSpecial EventIn essence, the Impostor Complex tells us that our accomplishments are not our own. When we believe the lies that the Impostor Complex tells us, we are held back from putting our very best work out into the world. However, when we can see the lies of the Impostor Complex for what they are, we are free to meet our critics head on, fill the gaps in our personal and professional lives and gather the needed support for us to activate our excellence.
Thursday, November 51:15 PM1:30 PMHarnessing the “IT Factor”Semi-LiveCareer Management & DevelopmentWe all know someone that commands attention when they walk into the room – we want to know them, be known by them, or just be around them. That quality, called “Executive Presence” or “The IT Factor” may seem to be reserved for those that are born with it – but you too can have the IT Factor. In this session, we’ll break down the qualities that make up the IT Factor, and discuss how you can begin practicing them today.
Thursday, November 51:45 PM2:45 PMState of Women in EngineeringLiveSpecial EventJoin us for this comprehensive presentation to learn more about current research trends on the state of women in engineering. During this special event, you will hear from one of the SWE Literature Review authors as she frames the discussion and points to the current research landscape regarding data on women in engineering, gender bias, workplace culture, and more. We will share an update on SWE’s own research studies, including findings on the impact of COVID-19 on women in engineering. Expanding on the research shared in SWE’s State of Women in Engineering magazine’s March 2020 issue, Michelle Brown, COO for Pinsight, will share findings from Pinsight’s recent report, Repairing the Broken Rung: Overcoming Bias in the Leadership Pipeline.
Thursday, November 53:00 PM3:30 PMAviation and Energy: Learning From the ASCE Infrastructure Report CardSemi-LiveTechnical InnovationsThe 2017 ASCE Infrastructure Report Card gave America’s infrastructure a grade of D+. Sixteen categories were evaluated ranging from roads and ports to schools and drinking water. Aviation got a D. Energy got a D+. Our presentation will focus on the challenges facing these two sectors and how those grades can be improved.
Thursday, November 53:00 PM3:45 PMHP Tech TalkSemi-LiveTech Talk Description Coming Soon!
Thursday, November 53:45 PM4:30 PMSurviving and Thriving in a Dual Career HouseholdLiveSelf-Management & DevelopmentHow Power Couples Balance Work Life and Family: Hear from two dual career couples employing strategies to balance family demands with the responsibilities associated with being a leader in their organization. It’ll be a candid conversation about what works and didn’t work for their family, hearing from one couple balancing early childhood care and the other couple transitioning to empty nesting. We will focus on the importance of spousal and family support for both parents to achieve their career aspirations and answer questions about the impact of choices on home life, work life and career advancement. There is no perfect answer, but we hope to provide resources and strategies for fellow parents to achieve their definition of success both in the office and at home.
Thursday, November 54:00 PM4:45 PMMEMPC Information SessionSemi-LiveInformation Session Description Coming Soon!
Thursday, November 54:45 PM5:15 PMMucho Gusto: Meet the Latinos AGSemi-LiveInclusion & Cultural AwarenessDescription Coming Soon!
Friday, November 610:00 AM11:00 AMKeynote: Sundari Mitra, Intel – Streamed, recordedLiveSpecial EventSundari Mitra is an engineer and entrepreneur at heart. With varied experiences in the industry including running two successful startups as founder and CEO, Sundari argues that if there is one thing that differentiates one successful entrepreneur from the rest – it is not raw intelligence, it is not passion, but that it is curiosity. Curiosity drove her down the entrepreneurial path and, in her keynote, she will share her journey, including the challenges she has faced and key learnings she has had as an entrepreneur and a woman. Attendees will be inspired to embrace their passion for engineering and entrepreneurial spirit.
Friday, November 611:00 AM11:45 AMHP Tech Talk #2Semi-LiveTech Talk Description Coming Soon!
Friday, November 611:00 AM12:30 PMGraduate Student Rapid FireLive Collegiate CompetitionDescription Coming Soon!
Friday, November 611:00 AM3:00 PMTeam Tech Competition (Invitation Only)LiveCollegiate CompetitionDescription Coming Soon!
Friday, November 611:15 AM12:00 PMGoldilocks: Get Your SWE Corporate Relationship “Just Right”LiveStrategic Leadership​Can your corporate SWE strategy be improved? Whether your company is big or small, currently sponsoring SWE or not, we have some tips on how to take your company’s engagement to the next level. Come hear best practices from three different companies at various stages in their SWE journey. Are you curious on how to draft your company’s SWE roadmap? Or looking to find the right SWE sponsorship? Or are you building a 5-year integrated plan? We will be discussing strategies for raising the profile of SWE within your organization and making the case for greater support of SWE’s mission.
Friday, November 612:00 PM12:45 PMJP Morgan Information SessionSemi-LiveInformation Session Description Coming Soon!
Friday, November 612:15 PM1:00 PMWe’re Here and We’re QWER: Introducing Intersectionality in Your CommunityLiveInclusion & Cultural AwarenessCome learn about how to introduce elements of intersectionality to your SWE chapter by supporting the LGBTQIA+ community! Isabel Ketner and Sharvani Jha, board members of the SWE-UCLA chapter and co-founders of QWER Hacks – one of the first LGBTQIA+ hackathons in the country – will share lessons learned from organizing and executing QWER Hacks, and how similar principles can be implemented in your environment to support LGBTQIA+ and other minority groups.
Friday, November 61:00 PM1:45 PMMedtronic Tech Talk: Medtronic Technologies ShowcaseSemi-LiveTech Talk Join a few of our Medtronic engineers to learn how we solve technical problems and develop medical devices that alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life. Q&A to follow.
Friday, November 61:30 PM1:45 PMCommunicate Like A Boss – How to Connect and ImpressSemi-LiveSelf-Management & DevelopmentCompetent communicators not only get their message across, but make an impression on their audience. This session outlines the most effective ways to introduce yourself, make a technical presentation, give feedback, and tell a story. All of these are skills that will help us make our mark and advance in the business world. These are often skills that elude young professionals and engineers, in particular. The basic skills we use in our professional work can be used to connect with others: be brief, be clear, repeat your message. Sometimes we feel like we are not heard in the meeting or by our leaders. Often, we only get a short window of exposure with decision makers. It is in our best interest to communicate who we are, what our message is, and make sure it is understood. This presentation will help you make sure YOUR MESSAGE is heard.
Friday, November 61:30 PM3:00 PMGraduate Student Poster CompetitionLiveCollegiate CompetitionDescription Coming Soon!
Friday, November 62:00 PM2:45 PMBall Aerospace Information Session: Don’t Just Go to Work, Go BeyondSemi-LiveInformation Session A job can and should be about more than just work. It’s about contributing to something greater than yourself – from uncovering the secrets of the universe to protecting warfighter lives. It’s working as a team to think bigger and create a better community, society and environment. It’s finding a company culture where you feel you truly belong. At Ball Aerospace, we believe a job can be this and so much more. Join us to learn about the programs and technologies that drive us and the culture, people and values that inspire us, as well full-time and intern opportunities.
Friday, November 62:00 PM2:45 PMSorry, Not Sorry – Speak with Intention in the WorkplaceLiveCareer Management & DevelopmentWhy are women always apologizing? Whether asking a question, sending an email, or voicing an opinion, women tend to include apologetic phrasing. This is especially true in the workplace, where verbal and non-verbal actions can undermine our position and convey a lack of confidence. By understanding the root of these behaviors, we can proactively overcome our social tendencies. This session will teach you to be more confident and assertive at work by providing tactics to improve your communication skills. We are all intelligent, capable, amazing engineers – no apology necessary. Leave ready to own your voice and advance your career.
Friday, November 63:00 PM3:30 PMSaving the World One STEM-inist at a Time!Semi-LiveAdvocacy & OutreachHow can STEM save the world? There’s a high demand for individuals with a STEM education across the globe. However, historically women have been underrepresented in STEM fields. We need more STEM-inists! From human trafficking to thinking about how diseases are spread and contained, this session explores how women can use technology not only as a vehicle to increase profit margins, but also to champion causes that will solve world impacting issues. This session will challenge visionaries to evaluate the course of technology in the next decade, offer suggestions and expertise in how STEM can be used as a platform to advance more humanitarian efforts, and inspire attendees to exert a stronger influence in their fields.
Friday, November 63:00 PM3:45 PMMathWorks Tech Talk: Curious Women Making Their Mark at MathWorksSemi-LiveTech Talk MathWorks engineers accelerate the pace of engineering and science through innovative and comprehensive software solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. Join us for an inspiring session where we will hear from multiple women at MathWorks about their career journeys, areas of intellectual exploration, and how they are making their mark on the company, their communities, and the world. Speaking will be our Head of MATLAB Product Management, our Director of Customer Success Engineering, a Simulink Engineering Manager, an Autonomous Driving Software Engineer, and a Principal Deep Learning Engineer, among others.
Friday, November 63:45 PM4:30 PMUsing Curiosity for InnovationLiveTechnical InnovationsBio-inspired design is a disruptive approach to innovation that thrives on curiosity. It encourages asking,”How would nature solve this problem?” and exploring the range of possibilities. Learning from nature can result in generating innovative solutions for problems that are often more economic, efficient, and sustainable than ones conceived from conventional methods. This session will provide attendees with an overview of this problem solving approach and techniques for application to engineering problems. Common pitfalls and best practices to overcome them will be addressed to prepare attendees to apply a bio-inspired design process.
Friday, November 64:00 PM4:45 AMRaytheon Technologies Information Session – Raytheon Technologies: Defining the Future of Aerospace & DefenseSemi-LiveInformation Session Raytheon Technologies is an aerospace and defense company that provides advanced systems and services for commercial, military and government customers worldwide. Our company was formed in 2020 through the combination of Raytheon Company and the United Technologies Corporation aerospace businesses. A diverse company is a strong company. The people of Raytheon Technologies come from different backgrounds. We share different perspectives and different styles of solving problems. We leverage those unique voices to generate solutions toward a united and singular purpose: to define the future of aerospace and defense. Join us for an information session to learn about the vast reach of our company of 190,000+ employees including 60,000+ engineers and how you can join our team! Learn more: www.rtx.comhttps://www.rtx.com/
Friday, November 64:45 PM5:15 PMNegotiation Tips & TricksSemi-LiveCareer Management & DevelopmentThis session will explore the different areas of our personal and business life that involve negotiations and provide some simple tips and tricks to improve your negotiation skills on both sides of the table. Participants will have an opportunity to practice several techniques through role-play activities.
Saturday, November 710:00 AM11:00 AMMega Session: Dr. Low Dog, “Life is Your Best Medicine”LiveSpecial EventFounded on the belief that everything in our lives is part of our medicine road. This course will teach you to optimize your health and wellbeing across the many facets of your life, from the food we eat, to the company we keep, our thoughts, and our relationship with ourselves. Life Is Your Best Medicine empowers you with the tools you need to live a naturally healthy life.
Saturday, November 711:00 AM12:30 PMUndergraduate Student Rapid FireLive Collegiate CompetitionDescription Coming Soon!
Saturday, November 711:15 AM12:00 PMUnlocking Asian American Leadership PotentialLiveInclusion & Cultural AwarenessDennis Hirotsu, Retired Vice President of R&D at Procter & Gamble and current Senior Executive Advisor for SASE (Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers), will share his research into the unique challenges for Asian Americans to rise to leadership in US companies. Dennis will four common factors limiting advancement for Asians and include an examination into the cultural differences that drive those factors. Finally, Dennis will discuss a path forward for Asians to develop the cultural agility needed to achieve greater professional success, including how SASE is approaching this challenge.
Saturday, November 712:15 PM1:00 PMThe Impact of FIRST from the Perspectives of SWE MembersLiveAdvocacy & OutreachFIRST is a global nonprofit providing STEM programs to youth ages 4-18. Recent data from a multi-year longitudinal study indicates that FIRST has a positive impact in STEM interests, attitudes, knowledge, education choices and career interests of participants. In particular, the study is providing insights on the long term impact FIRST is having for girls and young women. This panel presentation will review the impact of FIRST through the lens of those who participate in SWE and FIRST as student team members, mentors and volunteers. Using the findings from recent impact evaluations of FIRST as a backdrop, panelists will discuss the intersection of SWE and FIRST and the impact on their education and career choices.
Saturday, November 71:15 PM2:00 PMKick-Start Your SWE Corporate ERGLiveStrategic LeadershipAre you interested in forming a SWE Employee Resource Group (ERG) at your company, or in sparking engagement in your existing group? SWE Corporate ERGs are voluntary, employee-led organizations, clubs, or affinity groups within a company whose goals are aligned with SWE’s mission. Successful SWE Corporate ERGs are recognized annually with SWE Mission Awards for embodying SWE’s core values and demonstrating continuous improvement. Join the leaders of three Mission Award-winning SWE Corporate ERGs and SWE’s FY20 Awards Committee Chair to learn more about what a SWE Corporate ERG is, how to start a new group, and how to increase participation in your existing group. The panelists will share their best practices and lessons learned related to leadership, employer support, events and initiatives, and collaboration with local SWE sections.
Saturday, November 71:30 PM3:00 PMUndergraduate Student Poster CompetitionLiveCollegiate CompetitionDescription Coming Soon!
Saturday, November 72:15 PM2:45 PMRe-Launching a STEM Career After a Lengthy SabbaticalSemi-LiveCareer Management & DevelopmentReturning to engineering after a gap in your career can be difficult. Hurdles include convincing companies you still have what it takes to be a key contributor to programs, getting over the fear that you’ve forgotten everything you used to know, keeping current with technology, transitioning from your “sabbatical” to a full-time work environment, and being taken seriously by other experienced engineers. Each of the panel members took family sabbaticals of over ten years, and returned to engineering in diverse, highly technical roles. They will discuss how they transitioned back from life at home to life at work, what challenges they met, and how they overcame them. They will also share some of their sabbatical activities that helped prepare them to return to STEM.
Saturday, November 73:00 PM4:00 PMKeynote: Jennifer Rumsey, Vice President, Cummins Inc., President-Components BusinessLiveSpecial EventJennifer Rumsey is President of Components, one of Cummins’ five business segments. Rumsey is passionate about building high performing, diverse teams and has dedicated her twenty-year Cummins career to the development of others and to innovate for customers to power their success. In her WE20 keynote, Jennifer Rumsey will discuss her realization that one does not need to be Superwoman to be successful in one’s career and personal life. She will address being confident in yourself, being real and having impact in work and life.
Monday, November 910:00 AM11:00 AMKeynote: Linda Ducharme, President of Upstream and Integrated Solutions, ExxonMobilSemi-LiveSpecial EventLinda DuCharme is living proof that women today can achieve success on their own terms even in the most competitive industries. Her life story includes a dynamic career in a technical profession; a long tenure of leadership at ExxonMobil, one of the world’s leading energy companies; and a beautiful family. But along the way, she learned a valuable lesson that can benefit everyone – you can’t do it alone. Building a multi-faceted support system both inside and outside of work – one that includes colleagues, friends, family members and more – provides a solid foundation that is necessary for success in today’s world. Linda will share her own hard-earned lessons of learning to thrive and lead in the male-dominated world of oil and gas. And she’ll offer straight-talk advice for engineers who want to succeed on their own terms and, in turn, help others achieve their own personal and career goals.
Monday, November 911:00 AM3:00 PMVirtual Career Fair Special EventCareer Fair The WE20 Career Fair includes three exhibit halls: Corporate Partnership Council (CPC), Academic, and General. Attendees are able to visit each booth by “walking” the halls or going directly to a booth through the search functionality. Once at a booth, attendees have the option to text chat, video chat, see career opportunities, watch videos and download exhibitor materials. The Career Fair Exhibitor may pre-schedule interviews/screenings or might host an “on the spot” interview with attendees. They also receive a user report with each attendees’ profile and details about how they interacted with their booth and recruiters. With this information, they may reach out after WE20 to initiate a or continue the conversation.
Monday, November 911:15 PM12:00 PMFluid for Thought: SLS Rocket Aerodynamics featuring Pressure Sensitive PaintLiveTechnical InnovationsCombining computer vision algorithms, state-of-the-art cameras, pressure sensitive paint (PSP) and transonic wind tunnel facilities, teams at NASA and Boeing study unsteady pressure over the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket model with unprecedented temporal and spatial data resolution. Post-processing visualizes pressure fluctuations over a 3D model by converting intensity data from high-speed videos of the wind tunnel test. Additionally, data analysis creates predictions of buffet forcing and aeroacoustic activity over the rocket body with the accuracy of a CFD model! The development of the technique will revolutionize aerodynamics research and reveal uncharted insights into fluid behavior and vehicle performance, enhancing aerospace technology and design as they advance. This talk will focus on the impact of the PSP technique on the SLS design and other potential aerospace applications, as well as lay out the experimental process, from wind tunnel testing to extracting cutting-edge insights from the data analysis.
Monday, November 912:15 PM1:00 PMBlack Girl Magic: Managing the Myths & MicroaggressionsLiveInclusion & Cultural AwarenessWomen of color, particularly black women, have inevitably faced bias at some point in their careers, according to a number of studies. Some of these take the form of “I-can’t-put-my-finger-on-it” or “Did-That-Just-Happen?” subtle discriminations in the workplace, also known as microagressions. Microagressions give a “Death-By-a-Thousand-Cuts” effect that ultimately chips away at self-esteem and results in an additional Emotional Tax, according to a Catalyst Report. In addition to managing these situations on the job, black women are navigating the myths of the superwoman complex. This session will delve into these myths and microagressions in this panel hosted by the SWE African American Affinity group. Hear from accomplished black female engineers on how they have surmounted the odds to not only succeed but are working to make the workplace more inclusive for all people.
Monday, November 91:30 PM1:45 PMAvoiding the Leadership TrapSemi-LiveStrategic LeadershipGood leaders are not born. They grow in the shadows of leaders before them. One of the most evident traits of leadership is Drive, because self-motivated people are able to get things done. However, we often mistake drive for good leadership. We apply the most ambitious players to the toughest jobs, and are disappointed when expectations aren’t met. Worse yet, we often blame them instead of using the failure as a learning opportunity. Building strong leaders requires attentive coaching. Drive and ambition are important qualities in emerging leaders, but other traits like judgment and influence are equally critical. Our mandate as experienced leaders is more than assigning driven employees to challenging roles; it is our responsibility to mentor, provide support, and lead by example. This session will demonstrate that it isn’t just about who we pick and what task we assign them, but also how we effectively develop emerging leaders.
Monday, November 92:00 PM2:45 PMGhostbusters: Staying Connected While Working RemotelyLiveCareer Management & DevelopmentHow do you work remotely without becoming invisible? Telecommuting has been gaining traction as technological improvements grow to make virtual interactions more personal, however challenges still exist. While schedule flexibility, lack of commute, and ability to manage interactions make remote working an appealing option to many employees, the transition to remote working requires deliberate attention. The suite of challenges of being a mobile professional or working with a team of mobile professionals can differ based on experience level, role and personality. In this session we will explore techniques for fostering and maintaining effective communication and leadership in a remote working environment through situational case studies inspired from personal experience.
Monday, November 93:00 PM3:30 PMKickstart A SWENEXT Mentor Program!Semi-LiveAdvocacy & OutreachThis session will cover how to kick-start a SWENexter mentoring program with your local or collegiate SWE section, the importance of early mentoring to promote STEAM STEM careers, and the advantages to collegiate sections to create connections with SWENexters such as future recruitment. Presenters will discuss how they created a case for action, obtained support from the SWE sections, and created a successful pilot mentoring program in two locations (Houston and Pittsburgh). The discussion will include the steps to develop a program, created during the pilot phase, which will be used for roll-out across sections. Specific challenges the team will address are how to connect with SWENexters, mentoring minors, and working with parents. The session will focus on lessons learned during the pilot first events and how to have a successful start to a new program. The panel will also discuss how to engage with SWENexters as professionals and collegiates.
Monday, November 93:45 PM4:30 PMDouble Agents: Engineers by Occupation, Office Fitness Aficionado by ChoiceLiveSelf-Management & DevelopmentSucceeding in your engineering role is essential and so is your health. Have you heard the news? Sedentary behavior is bad. Most of us have sedentary jobs and these jobs are affecting our health. Join this session to learn how to be more healthy at work and bring fitness into your daily office routine. The panelists are engineers that choose to be conscious about their health and activity level at the office. Panelists will share the surprising data behind the health effects of sedentary behavior and share their favorite mitigation techniques. Participants will leave the session with ideas to become a double agent themselves. This will be an active session. Be prepared to stand up, sit down, and try new deskercises. Wear your sneakers (optional)!
Monday, November 94:45 PM5:15 PMFinders Keepers!Semi-LiveInclusion & Cultural AwarenessHow can we recruit and retain the best engineers for our organizations? As large numbers of our most experienced employees retire, we have a critical choice to make: backfill positions with status quo methods or strengthen the diversity of our workforce as we hire new talent. How can recruitment programs evolve to achieve diversity and inclusion goals, including gender equity in engineering? And how can “Employer Resource Groups”, including SWE, build on targeted recruitment to support our workforce? Explore how one Los Angeles-based municipal utility has expanded targeted engineering recruitment and retention efforts to address these challenges and better reflect the diverse communities that it serves. Learn about (1) specific techniques to find the best engineering candidates from the most diverse pools, (2) potential measures of success for expanded recruitment, and (3) tools to retain new recruits once they are onboard, so you can keep the talent that you find.
Tuesday, November 1010:00 AM10:45 AMHow to Create an Alliance CultureLiveStrategic LeadershipToday’s world is full of complex, innovative products. The more complex the products, the less likely it is that a single product development company will have all the necessary capabilities internally. One of the best ways to solve that dilemma, is to create strategic partnerships or alliances to access those additional capabilities. However, many internal design cultures have natural antibodies to working with outside design resources. This behavior is sometimes call NIH or Not Invented Here syndrome and it can be a huge obstacle to a business’ success when outsourcing or partnering would be a wonderful solution. So, how do we create a culture that embraces alliance partners as a healthy extension of our design teams? A company’s leadership must communicate a positive vision, understanding of the overall business needs, expectations, and the value of and potential rewards for each participant and have a good process to support the endeavor.
Tuesday, November 1011:00 AM11:45 AMGive Bad News Like a BossLiveCareer Management & DevelopmentWe all must deliver bad news at some point. Improving your skills in messaging disappointing or upsetting information can have a pivotal impact in your ability to provide feedback, navigate challenging situations, and ultimately, progress in your career. Diverse panelists will provide insights and best practices for sharing negative feedback. They will draw from their experience in: consulting, testing, reporting, communicating with all levels of staff (intern to executive level management), cross-functional collaboration, and more.
Tuesday, November 1011:00 AM3:00 PMVirtual Career Fair LiveCareer Fair The WE20 Career Fair includes three exhibit halls: Corporate Partnership Council (CPC), Academic, and General. Attendees are able to visit each booth by “walking” the halls or going directly to a booth through the search functionality. Once at a booth, attendees have the option to text chat, video chat, see career opportunities, watch videos and download exhibitor materials. The Career Fair Exhibitor may pre-schedule interviews/screenings or might host an “on the spot” interview with attendees. They also receive a user report with each attendees’ profile and details about how they interacted with their booth and recruiters. With this information, they may reach out after WE20 to initiate a or continue the conversation.
Tuesday, November 1012:00 PM1:00 PMMega Session: Gloria Cotton, Microaggressions: A New Way to Define and Address These Subtle Acts of Exclusion in the WorkplaceLiveSpecial EventIn most cultures, explicit discrimination is frowned upon but underrepresented groups face bias on a daily basis in the form of what are commonly known as microaggressions. This interactive session will encourage participants to increase their cultural competence by reframing microaggressions as Subtle Acts of Exclusion (SAE). Focus on creating a more inclusive, trusting and collaborative workplace and learn how to openly discuss SAEs when they happen. Attendees will learn to identify different types of microaggressions and how to speak up about them in a new way. It is everyone’s responsibility arm themselves with knowledge and tactics to face exclusion head-on; join this session to learn how.
Tuesday, November 101:00 PM2:15 PMCLI: Campus to Career: How Student Leaders Can Create a Powerful Brand during College (Invitation Only)LiveSpecial EventTransitioning from being a student leader to launching a career in STEM may feel overwhelming. How you start your journey is key to your success. Even if you ace the interview, textbook knowledge and technical skills alone are not enough to excel in today’s competitive workplace. You’ll need to create a powerful personal brand from the very start! You’ve heard about personal brand, but why is it so important? Is your brand congruent? Do you ever think about how others perceive you? Discover how to stand out in a crowd, communicate more effectively, and project confidence in ALL you do. From body language to attire, greetings, and social media pitfalls, use this program to help fast-track your way to career success!
Tuesday, November 101:30 PM1:45 PMThe Wave of FemTech – Innovation for Women, by WomenSemi-LiveTechnical Innovations“FemTech” is a convenient word for recognizing that women have unique health and wellness needs and there are opportunities where an advancement in product offerings can positively impact a woman’s journey. In this talk, we’ll discuss the trends of this market segment that operates across ages and stages of women. We’ll review the development of three products developed specifically for the FemTech market; the Ava fertility tracker, the Pebl menopause cooler, and the Vega uterine treatment device, and we’ll discuss what can be learned about the empathic product development process along the way.
Tuesday, November 102:00 PM2:45 PMEmpowering Queer Women in STEM to Aspire, Advance, and AchieveLiveInclusion & Cultural AwarenessThis workshop will discuss barriers and opportunities encountered by womxn in the LGBTQIA+ community in order to aspire, advance, and achieve in STEM. Participants will learn how to contribute to a culture of diversity and inclusion through an interactive combination of presentation slides, activities, and intimate guided discussion. First, LGBTQIA+ vocabulary will be introduced alongside the concept of how womxn with intersectional Queer identities aspire in STEM fields. It is important to know LGBTQIA+ terminology as it is part of diversity and inclusion. Next, we will discuss privilege in the workplace and how that can catalyze or prevent the advancement of Queer womxn. We cannot have conversations about privilege or uplift womxn’s voices in the Queer subcommunity without recognizing the systematic barriers the community faces within STEM. Finally, participants will break into small groups to discuss what achievement means to them in STEM and to celebrate their journey.
Tuesday, November 103:00 PM3:30 PMRecruiting Your Personal Board of DirectorsSemi-LiveCareer Management & DevelopmentIt can be tempting for leaders to “go it alone” when facing the daily challenges and decisions attached to running our company. Superheroes do it, so why can’t we? That answer, sadly, is that we’re only human, and no leader is immune to burnout and diminished effectiveness. The solution is having a small, unofficial “”personal board of directors,”” a shortlist of trustworthy people you admire who can act as your sounding board. Pick the right people, ask the right questions, and the new point of view can refresh our perspective as well as our energy level. This 30-minute talk highlights the various roles within such a board, where to find your people, and how to approach them about it.
Tuesday, November 103:45 PM4:30 PMHow Becoming Statues Enhanced Our Advocacy and Outreach EffortsSemi-LiveAdvocacy & OutreachThe STEM workforce is in dire need of more women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Advocacy and outreach for women and girls in STEM are passions for all of us, and through the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and Lyda Hill Philanthropies, we became connected in 2019. Our combined efforts are now more visible and amplified through the IF/THEN Ambassadorship, and we want to share our stories with you. As professionals and women in STEM, we use our various talents to advocate for women in STEM and recruit more girls to STEM fields. In this session, we will share our combined experiences on successful advocacy strategies. You will also learn about our current STEM outreach initiatives, future work, and what it means for us to be featured in the most significant national exhibit of female statues in one place at one time.
Tuesday, November 104:45 PM5:15 PMDitch the Pro/Con List: Making the Right DecisionLiveSelf-Management & DevelopmentBlack coffee or cream? Should I wear this sweater today? Which lane should I drive in? Although trivial, these are examples of the 35,000(!) decisions we make daily. This onslaught of constant choices can actually sap our mental energy and dull our decision-making skills, making us susceptible to decision fatigue and analysis paralysis. Especially when it comes to big decisions, like whether to take a new job, we can feel overwhelmed because we recognize each decision we make can greatly impact our happiness in life. Many of us will scribble a pro/con list for help, only to feel like we still have the same lack of clarity as before. In this workshop, we’ll help you recognize the decision influencers that impact your choices, provide tools for overcoming decision fatigue and analysis paralysis (beyond the pro/con list!), and give you confidence in your decision-making skills to live your best, happiest life.
Tuesday, November 105:00 PM6:00 PMPoster/Rapid Fire Networking Hour (Invitation only)LiveCollegiate CompetitionDescription Coming Soon!
Wednesday, November 1110:00 AM11:00 AMMega Session: Anne Collier, Style Matters: How Cognitive Diversity Affects Your WorkLiveSpecial EventHave you ever wondered why a colleague, friend, or family member seems to approach life so differently? They are either overly structured, or not at all. These differences seem to get in the way of productivity, but they don’t have to. Join Anne Collier to learn about different problem-solving styles and how style affects collaboration, management, and leadership. Based on the work of Dr. Michael J. Kirton, who developed Adaption-Innovation Theory, learn where you likely fall on the Adaption-Innovation Continuum and what that means for brainstorming in meetings, solving problems with colleagues and managing both up and down.
Wednesday, November 1111:15 AM12:00 PM#HEforWE – The Invaluable Support of Male LeadersLiveInclusion & Cultural AwarenessThe support of male leaders goes a long way for the success of women in the work place. It is critical to engage male leaders in the effort we are making to create a diverse and all inclusive work environment. As much as there are men who are still stuck in the old fashioned “for us by us” mentality, there are others that work tirelessly for the advancement of women and work side by side with women for the common goal of diversity in the work place. What do they consider and what is their approach? How do they craft their efforts and execute their task without creating an imbalance in leadership? At this panel, you will hear from two male executive directors that are in charge of over twelve hundred employees. They will share what they are doing to increase the number of women engineers in their organization.
Wednesday, November 1112:15 PM1:00 PMYoganna Be Great! Leadership Lessons from the MatLiveStrategic LeadershipAs a yoga instructor for more than 25 years I’ve found that many of the lessons from the practice and poses in yoga provide valuable lessons outside of the yoga room for work and life, especially for leaders. From the risk of just walking into the yoga room to the practice of poses that challenge us physically and mentally, there are lessons that we can apply in our work leading teams and organizations – whether a newbie or seasoned leader. Through a fun presentation involving some demonstrations as well as a few opportunities for audience participation and competition, we examine: steps for more successful risk taking; high performance habits regarding vision and strategy; planning and goal setting; the role of emotional intelligence; the problems with ignoring problems; busting assumptions that hold us back from excelling; unleashing creativity to solve problems and celebrating success and failure.
Wednesday, November 111:15 PM1:45 PM“Let’s Assume π=3”: Communication Between Applied and Theoretical SciencesSemi-LiveCareer Management & DevelopmentSTEM workplaces incorporate people of many backgrounds from applied sciences like engineering and computer science to theoretical sciences such as mathematics, chemistry, and physics. Due to the inherent differences arising from these educational backgrounds, colleagues from these fields may approach problem solving from different perspectives. However, all possess unique strengths within the collaborative STEM work environment. This talk will present strategies for effective communication, self-reflection techniques, and insights for understanding the strengths of others leveraging examples from the speakers’ previous workplace experiences.
Wednesday, November 112:00 PM2:45 PMThe Rise of the Industrial DroneLiveTechnical InnovationsDrones or UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) have evolved from a child’s toy to essential commercial technology in use across many industrial and engineering applications. They have proven to be a cost effective way to achieve goals, where the operating landscape is vast, harsh or not easily accessible. Drone usage has found a niche in aerial photography and geolocation, across applications as diverse as wildlife tracking to mine site surveys to law enforcement. Drones do have limitations and consequences that should be understood by any company desiring to launch a fleet for commercial use. These include privacy concerns, security controls, air space limitations and payload capacity. This technical review will chart the evolution of Drone technology used across various industries along with a view of what is coming in the future.
Wednesday, November 113:00 PM3:30 PMWhen Experience and Excel Aren’t Enough, is Simulation the Solution?Semi-LiveSelf-Management & DevelopmentYou’ve identified a problem and are looking to make changes to your process. Before implementing anything new, you’re probably gathering and analyzing data in a spreadsheet, right? But what do you do when your operation has a lot of variability and the overall averages don’t show the whole picture? Or when things happening in one part of your system directly affect another part of it, and it’s hard to capture that interaction in a spreadsheet? Simulation can give you a better idea of what to expect by allowing you to model the system to any degree of detail. It provides you with the ability to test the thresholds of the system, examine specific scenarios, and determine potential risks. In this session, we’ll talk about when and why to use discrete-event simulation – and where things are most likely to go wrong.
Wednesday, November 113:45 PM4:30 PMGet Those Voices in Your Head to Work for YouLiveCareer Management & DevelopmentMany of us have inner voices that guide us, some of those voices help and some sabotage. This session is about discovering these inner voices and finding the leader that already lives inside you. Learn to harness your leadership team (e.g., your internal, mental board of directors) to achieve your goals and achieve your full potential. Learn the science behind inner leadership and powerful results when you engage this team, followed by effective exercises to uncover and bring the members of your inner leadership team to light. Once you can name these leaders, you can call upon them to support you in your career and in your life. You will walk away from this session knowing what inner leadership is, why it is important, and how it can help you lead yourself and those around you.
Wednesday, November 114:45 PM5:15 PMBusting Bureaucracy: Improving Government Systems Through a Lean-based Management SystemSemi-LiveStrategic LeadershipContinuous Improvement, especially Lean, has a long history in the manufacturing world. Increased efficiency, decreased wastes, and decreased costs lead to more value for consumers. But what happens when you take those same tools and principles and apply them to knowledge work and government systems? Can you even do that? Can you develop tens of thousands of problem solvers and empower them to change the way government agencies operate to improve things for taxpayers and employees? Learn the answer to all these questions and discover how you too can bust bureaucracy within your own organization.
Thursday, November 1210:00 AM10:45 AMTime Satisfaction: Because There Are No More Minutes!LiveSelf-Management & DevelopmentA fundamental axiom of time management is that there is always more to do. And its frustrating corollary is that you’ll never get everything done! A more creative way to deal with this quandary is to change your perspective from time management to Time Satisfaction. If there’s nothing you can do to increase the amount of time you have, then let’s figure out how you can be satisfied with what there is. This session will provide concepts and techniques to help you shift from fretting over minutes and hours to optimizing your energy and fulfillment. Time Satisfaction is a simple concept that you can readily implement once you learn the mindset and some new approaches. The benefits of Time Satisfaction include lower stress, greater mindfulness and intentionality, and more freedom to reach your potential!
Thursday, November 1211:00 AM11:45 AMRecruiting Diverse Student Bodies: Linking Communal Goals with Engineering PracticeSemi-LiveAdvocacy & OutreachThis session will discuss how a team of geo-environmental engineering faculty developed a series of diverse, hands-on activities to help attract female and minority students into the geotechnical engineering discipline. Many students perceive geotechnical engineering practice as difficult, stemming from the fact that soil and rocks are complex, heterogeneous materials, and geotechnical engineering design involves significant uncertainties. The speaker will discuss the development of a series of activities with the central theme of “Use of Waste in a Sustainable City”, specifically designed to address diversity and inclusion from different perspectives with the goal of combating this perception. At the end of this session, participants will be able to develop and incorporate similar activities into their departments and outreach events. In addition, participants will be able to discuss the importance of linking communal goals with and demonstrating the social relevance and application of geotechnical engineering work when developing diverse, hands-on activities.
Thursday, November 121:15 PM1:45 PMGetting Better All the Time: Continuous Improvement 101Semi-LiveTechnical Innovations“Six Sigma”, “Lean”, “Continuous Improvement”… You’ve heard the phrase, seen it referenced in job descriptions, maybe a colleague is a Master Blackbelt, but what does it all mean? Where does it come from? What tools and skills does it involve? How can it help you in your career? How can it help in your personal life? Join a panel of diverse engineers and technologists as they share their experiences highlighting the value (and fun!) in gaining and USING CI skills at different stages of your career. They will share their experiences highlighting the value (and fun!) in gaining and USING CI skills in your career.
Thursday, November 122:00 PM2:45 PM“Beg, Borrow and Sell” –Unlocking $M of Waste in CorporationsLiveStrategic LeadershipGetting resources to complete engineering projects takes a clear ROI, a high priority ranking from management and space in the budget. Discover this novel approach to getting resources to accomplish engineering goals; “Beg, Borrow and Sell”. This lean journey example will explain how to overcome hurdles for engineering teams. Suzy created an equipment reuse/resale program where assets can flow with ease between cost centers and geographies. This gave the capital budget some slack for new equipment. Women are great connectors and can excel at cross functional change management. Suzy will discuss the mechanics of the example including how to engage engineering, planning, operations, finance, suppliers, supply chain management and IT. We’ll walk through this relevant and successful lean journey applicable to all engineering organizations. Participants can use the concepts of this lean journey to embark on her own personalized journey based on the needs of her organization.
Thursday, November 123:00 PM3:30 PMPlay It to Win: Strategies for Millennials Starting in Corporate AmericaSemi-LiveCareer Management & DevelopmentDo you struggle with understanding how to advance in the workplace? Are you disappointed that your performance alone isn’t enough to gain the recognition you deserve? Do you feel overwhelmed by the idea that you must spearhead your own career without knowing the rules of the game? In Play It to Win, Nefretiti Nassar equips Millennials with proven strategies to excel in Corporate America. Whether you’re a student, a recent college graduate, or a young professional, Play It to Win provides you with guidance, practical examples, strategic advice, and words of wisdom to help increase your probability of successfully navigating the many unwritten rules within the workplace.
Thursday, November 123:45 PM4:30 PMWhy Bother with SWE ERG?LiveInclusion & Cultural Awareness“Why bother having SWE at work?” You may ask, or you have been asked. Join the key-players of SWE Employee Resource Group (ERG) from two of the largest municipal utility companies in this country at this panel discussion, as they walk you through their journeys in cultivating their workplace culture that embraces diversity and promoting empowerment of women and underrepresented STEM employees in large organizations through their very own SWE-ERG. Hear their stories, and learn about why a support group like SWE is critical to the success of future leaders and in enriching the culture of our industries. Listen to the challenges, and inquisitions they faced as they represent and speak the mission of SWE, along with support, advocacy, and a sense of representation as SWE grows in their company. By end of this discussion, the question you ask should never be “why bother”, but “why not”?”
Thursday, November 124:45 PM5:15 PMShared SisterhoodSemi-LiveInclusion & Cultural AwarenessWe are all familiar with challenges that women face in the workplace – bias, inflexible work environments, and male privilege have a negative impact on all of us. But this does not mean that we experience these impacts the same way. The emotional tax for women of color is real, and research shows that Asian, Black, Hispanic and multiracial women experience the feeling of being “on guard” against bias more than their white women colleagues. So how can we recognize when this happens, and leverage our shared sisterhood to lift each other up to create an environment where all women – including women of color – can thrive? This panel will highlight stories of women who have built bridges across difference, demonstrating how allyship among women is crucial to create equity.
Friday, November 1310:00 AM10:30 AMRight User, Right Context, Right Time: Study of Manufacturing DataSemi-LiveTechnical InnovationsEveryone is talking about data and digitalization. “Data is the new currency.” “Context is key.” “You must establish a digitalization strategy.” How does this apply to a manufacturing process and plant floor? We have been conducting a study on Life Sciences manufacturing data usage, trends, needs, innovation, management and common pain points via interviews, workshops, proof-of-concept projects and market research. Currently, only 34% of quality personnel and plant engineers have access to analyzed data within the timeframe required to make their decisions. The key to solving emerging manufacturing problems is to increase this percentage: providing the right information, to the right user, in the right context at the right time. In this session, we will share the findings of this research: definitions of key data terms, current hurdles and solutions to aggregating and contextualizing data, a new process-centric, event-driven data approach and how to this could drive digital transformation.
Friday, November 1310:45 AM11:00 AMCulture and Gender – Clash or Collaboration?Semi-LiveInclusion & Cultural AwarenessWe understand that culture is a complex idea – the spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features that characterize a society – and that it is important to understand and accommodate cultural differences. We also understand that equality across all genders is something to strive for. What can we do when these two ideals clash, contrast and endanger each other? How do we leverage one to help the other? This talk will unpack these questions through the lens of cultural inclusion and awareness in Liberia, our home country. Examples from our experiences as female engineers in a largely male dominated culture and industry, as well as founding members of Liberia Society of Women Engineers chapter will highlight techniques and strategies that empower the use of culture and gender together to promote inclusion and awareness of both.
Friday, November 1311:15 AM12:00 PMYour Next Promotion: Getting There and the AftermathLiveCareer Management & DevelopmentGoing after a promotion at work can often feel like an intimidating or elusive process. Even after successfully landing a promotion, knowing how to navigate the crucial conversations, negotiations, and shifting responsibilities that follow is critical for setting your career up for success. Using anecdotes, lessons learned, and industry best practices, this session will dive into methods and strategies for identifying where you want to go next in your career, creating a plan that will help get you there, and what to expect after you’ve landed the new role.
Friday, November 1312:15 PM1:00 PMFar from Home: Leaving the Familiar for New OpportunitiesLiveSelf-Management & DevelopmentMoving away from home is scary, but moving away for your first job may seem like another level of anxiety. Join us for an engaging conversation about how three engineers moved across the country (even overseas) to begin their careers and thrive in a new city. Just because your dream job is across the country doesn’t mean you need to turn it down. We’ll coach you through the biggest challenges and potential hazards that we experienced so that you know what to expect and how to handle it. You’ll learn the logistical side of the process as well as some of the emotional strains you may encounter. In the end, you’ll have the confidence to make the decision that’s right for you and your future.
Friday, November 131:15 PM1:45 PMBecome Savvy about Business SavvySemi-LiveCareer Management & DevelopmentWomen in STEM roles work hard to develop their technical skills, but often overlook the need to develop their business skills. These business skills (also known as “business savvy” or “business acumen”) are essential to understanding how a company’s strategy impacts project goals and financial performance. Having strong business acumen enables the ability to make well-informed business decisions and is crucial in advancing to senior-level positions. In this panel, four senior-level women in manufacturing, engineering, project management, and strategy will discuss the importance of business acumen, the methods and tools they used to develop it, and how it has enabled their career progression.
Friday, November 132:00 PM2:45 PMOvercoming Cultural Barriers to Effectively Manage Multi-Geographic Business MeetingsLiveInclusion & Cultural AwarenessCorporations often have locations or do business in multiple countries. Communicating with people from diverse cultures is a skill that can be learned. We will share the communication spectrum across cultures from high context languages to low context languages. This session will provide tips and techniques to hold successful meetings, typically over the phone or video, with members from multiple cultures. We will share our work experiences and provide practical applications for how cultural barriers and challenges can be overcome and transformed into a productive, result oriented and customer focused meetings. We will discuss methods for encouraging participation. We will share tips for ensuring all attendees can understand what is happening during the meeting, especially if English is not their first language. Finally, we will provide five tips for attendees to take back with them.
Friday, November 133:00 PM3:30 PMDriving Industry and Academic AlignmentSemi-LiveStrategic LeadershipAcademic and industry alignment are critical to meet the needs of future engineers. Societies like SWE play a pivotal role. In December 2018, the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) convened a workshop on “Engineering Societies’ Activities on Helping Align Industry and Academia.” After a series of presentations from industry, academia and society representatives, including SWE, participants discussed concrete ideas for better aligning industry and academia. The workshop’s final report (available at https://www.nap.edu/download/25445#) included many things that could be done; in her concluding remarks Leah Jamieson, chair of the program committee for the workshop, challenged everyone “to pick one thing from the list of possible actions and do it.” In this session, attendees from that workshop will briefly present information about it, then facilitate discussions on what actions we can take within SWE and our academic or industrial employers, to help achieve the goal of aligning industry and academia.
Friday, November 133:45 PM4:30 PMBlockchain Technology in Transformation of BusinessLiveTechnical InnovationsBlockchain has the potential to transform business in areas such as asset tracking, trade and supply chain where trust, transparency, security, and efficiency are needed. Some predict it is only a matter of time before blockchain penetrates every industry sector. Businesses need to think strategically about blockchain when planning their transformation. In order to deliver highly efficient and secure end-to-end flow of goods and resources for supply-chains, successful production blockchain solutions implementations will be explained, together with best practices for bringing visibility, trust and auditability to solve the challenges of increasingly complex supply chain networks. A trust crisis driven by mishandling of consumer data by our institutions has made consumer trust in brands to reach critically low levels. Blockchain technology represents a seminal paradigm shift in the exchange of value and is likely to fundamentally impact marketing by primarily facilitating the transition from institution driven interoperability to consumer-driven interoperability.
Friday, November 134:45 PM5:15 PMDemystifying Academic Institution Types and Associated Leadership RolesSemi-LiveCareer Management & DevelopmentAcademic careers and the leadership roles that female faculty take on are heavily influenced by the expectations for teaching, research, and service which vary depending on the type of institution. Four-year academic institutions fall into three categories: predominately undergraduate, masters granting, and doctorate granting. In this session, these types of institutions will be explained with a focus on helping attendees navigate themselves into leadership roles and how that looks different across the spectrum of institutions. Time will be spent answering attendee questions and in small group discussion around career trajectories.

Sessions Available On-Demand - November 2-13

DateTitleSession TrackDescription
Monday, November 2A Public-Academic Partnership to Fight Counterfeit ProductsSelf-Management & DevelopmentDescription Coming Soon!
Monday, November 2Beyond Summer Camp: Increasing Impact of STEM Programs for GirlsAdvocacy & OutreachSTEM camps for girls are popping up left and right, but once the camp is over, how long does the impact last? Is the experience forgotten after life goes back to normal? How can we help girls maintain their interest and confidence to develop a stronger female STEM pipeline? In this session, the speakers will share how they created and sustained a long-term STEM program for local girls from underprivileged backgrounds. They will share their experiences and challenges in developing stakeholder relationships, retention and learning/behavior gaps for children of different ages. This session outlines the challenges for STEM professionals who want to engage in long-term outreach connections and identify the key elements to ensure a solid return on investment.
Monday, November 2How to Network for those Who Hate NetworkingCareer Management & DevelopmentDo you hate networking? Are you interested in learning an easy technique to win over a room without fainting? A significant amount of people I have met, mentored, interacted with, etc. avoid networking situations at all cost – especially Technologists. The ability to comfortably meet and interact with new people does not always come easy – I get it. The main objective of this session is to provide attendees who hate networking with a proven strategy designed to achieve the best results with minimal effort.
Monday, November 2Let Her Finish! Creating an Inclusive Work Culture through MicroactionsInclusion & Cultural AwarenessBeing interrupted. Talked over. Left out. Many of us have experienced microaggressions, whether or not we realize it. These are subtle verbal and nonverbal behaviors often ingrained in unconscious bias, regularly targeted at women. Intent does not matter. Microaggressions have a deep effect on psychological safety, employee experience, and overall workplace culture. The antidote? Microactions: small but impactful behaviors, like encouraging someone to complete their thought in a meeting or literally pulling up a seat for them at the table. We communicate signals to other through our everyday interactions and behaviors. We can use them to build our teams’ emotional intelligence and create inclusive work environments where everyone feels safe, respected, and comfortable to share their ideas and concerns. In this session, participants will learn practical microactions through the use of personal intervention and leadership to advocate for others and foster a culture of inclusion and diversity.
Monday, November 2Self-Care LoungeSpecial EventsDescription Coming Soon!
Monday, November 2So You Want To Be An Astronaut?Career Management & DevelopmentDescription Coming Soon!
Monday, November 2Year One as a SWE Affinity GroupStrategic LeadershipThis lightning talk will cover you need to know about starting a SWE Affinity Group, programming, and managing a leadership team. The goal of SWE affinity groups is to be a platform for special interest groups while addressing the issues facing those communicates. This talk will include perspectives and best practices from both the Asian Connections AG and Senior Engagement AG. Interested in starting your own SWE affinity group? This is the session for you!
Monday, November 2Yoga RechargeSpecial EventsHosted by Coconut Yoga! Sponsored by CNH, IBM, and Kohler, this virtual yoga is curated for SWE members and will offer all levels vinyasa flows and spa yoga for WE20 attendees from around the world. SWE is working with Coconut Yoga, owned by Katie Hernandez, who is an engineer and works as the Vice President, Global R&D Fruity Confections at Mars Wrigley by day and is also the Founder of Coconut Yoga. Kate Gisborne is the Co-Founder of Coconut Yoga and will also be developing unique yoga content for SWE. SWE looks forward to offering this way to rejuvenate to all attendees at WE20! Register today and we look forward to seeing you on the mat!
Tuesday, November 3Growing as a Tech Leader by Leaning In Self-Management & DevelopmentDescription Coming Soon!
Tuesday, November 3Level Up: Equipping Yourself for LeadershipCareer Management & DevelopmentOver the past decade, many organizations have invested great effort to grow the women’s talent in their organizations. Unfortunately, not much of this progress has been sustainable. Lee Hecht Harrison’s Elevating Women in Leadership study provided great insight and awareness to the behaviors that are found to be more prevalent in those women who have advanced. In this session, we will share the five behaviors most closely linked to women who have Leveled Up and were promoted to leadership. We will complete a personal assessment of behaviors. Before ending the session, we will review strategies to build expertise in these open priorities based on the professional experiences of the facilitators.
Tuesday, November 3Lost in Translation – How to Maximize Your Asian CultureInclusion & Cultural AwarenessAsian Americans experience cultural bias and stereotypes that can be career enhancers and derailers. Asian women are impacted by both gender and cultural biases. In some cases, the Asian culture reflects positively and serves as enhancers to our career. At other times, natural behaviors associated with the Asian culture can unwittingly become career derailers. This presentation will focus on helping attendees to maximize the key aspects of the Asian culture that promotes career growth. It will also identify characteristics within the culture that can negatively impact careers and how to avoid them. This is an opportunity for allies who are curious about how to make an impact. Following an overview presentation, attendees will engage in facilitated table-top discussions based on different bias statements that are often associated with Asians and develop strategies to address them. The session will conclude with a recap of the major takeaways from each tabletop segment.
Tuesday, November 3Self-Care LoungeSpecial EventsDescription Coming Soon!
Tuesday, November 3Stick a Fork in Me, I’m Done! When to Retire…Self-Management & DevelopmentDescription Coming Soon!
Tuesday, November 3The Wild West of Code BranchingStrategic LeadershipImagine the Old West. You buy some land and some cattle, settle down in a sleepy town. After a while, more and more folks move into the area. It is getting hard to figure out who owns the land, who owns the cattle… Software development is like this town. Over time, many people will work on the system. Yet, planning for reusable code is often overlooked. This leads to a proliferation of solutions to similar problems across teams within the same organization. It’s like too many cows crossing onto other people’s land and tromping through crops. To address this issue, we launched a Shared Frameworks initiative. As engineers, we oversee the development of shared code “”by developers for developers”” who work closely together. We aren’t looking to a sheriff to solve our problems; we are driving the vision ourselves. Today, we want to share our Wild West journey.
Tuesday, November 3Troubleshooting: The Answer is Outside the BoxTechnical InnovationsHave you ever had a technical problem at work that seems to defy all attempts to resolve? When facing an engineering challenge, sometimes the “obvious” answers won’t get you the solution you need. Although a stubborn problem can be frustrating, don’t despair! During this lightning talk we will review case studies where outside the box thinking was required to solve nagging problems. We will cover the troubleshooting steps we took to diagnose the problem, and how the ultimate solution generated value for the team. You’ll leave the talk with some techniques for unlocking new solutions, and encouragement to do what an engineer does best- solve problems!
Tuesday, November 3Yoga RechargeSpecial EventsDescription Coming Soon!
Wednesday, November 4Bringing Engineering to Life with Virtual and Augmented RealityTechnical InnovationsWhy should the gaming industry get to have all the fun? Corporations have started to leverage Virtual and Augmented Reality to gain competitive advantage in the engineering and manufacturing world. Join us during this session to learn how companies are using these technologies to bring CAD models to life, remotely service machines on the manufacturing floor, and enhance industrial training scenarios to reduce safety risks. Wearable devices such as the Microsoft HoloLens, have given 3M engineers the ability to pull up important data and dimensions right from the lab or the plant. In the manufacturing industry, time is money, so it is no surprise that an estimated 1 in 3 U.S. manufacturers are currently adopting AR/VR tools to improve efficiency and boost their bottom line. Don’t miss this exciting session on how industry leader 3M is adopting these major trends to drive the fast-growing field of innovation.
Wednesday, November 4Managing 20 in your 20sCareer Management & DevelopmentDo you desire to hold a leadership position at the beginning of your career? Do you want to learn more about how to manage people twice your age? Jessica Catlin and Sarah Jenkins currently hold First Line Leader/Shift Supervisor roles at an industrial plant. This session will discuss how to lead a large, diverse group at a young age. They will talk about their key learning experiences as young and up-and-coming leaders at their company. They will discuss how to build relationships among your crew, how to manage adversity, and how to lead a high performing team. Come learn about a unique perspective on leadership!
Wednesday, November 4Self-Care LoungeSpecial EventDescription Coming Soon!
Wednesday, November 4Oh No Hue Didn’t: Making Data Visually AccessibleInclusion & Cultural AwarenessWe often assume that everyone sees the world the same way, but some of our colleagues literally cannot due to having Color Vision Deficiency (CVD), commonly referred to as colorblindness. CVD is not just red and green or any two colors but a scale and is often forgotten when communicating visually. With an increasing reliance on visual data in making engineering decisions it is vital we are all operating with the same information. Simple enhancements can increase the impact of your data to ensure your entire audience has a clear understanding of what you are presenting. Join Rebecca Palmer and Sheila DeLapp as they demonstrate how small adjustments can help everyone see the same picture.
Wednesday, November 4Survival Guide to Winning Job Hunting in Hunger Games FashionCareer Management & DevelopmentEach year colleges from “districts” across the country volunteer students as “tributes” to compete for job opportunities at companies. Career Fairs are essentially the Hunger Games and you need to be ready to “hunt.” Therefore, like Katniss you need to train and prepare to be ready to get “sponsors” or recruiters to support you through the application process as you battle against other tributes. This session will be your ultimate survival guide to preparing for the job-hunting process in Hunger Games fashion. We will cover job searching strategy, avoiding common resume mistakes, crafting an elevator pitch, navigating recruiter conversations, and preparing for the interview process. After this session we will make you’ll be able to aim and target jobs you want like Katniss, have a good image like Gale, and be liked by sponsors like Peeta. Get ready tributes and may the “offers” be ever in your favor.
Wednesday, November 4SWE++: Inspiring Middle School Girls Through Computer Science and TechnologyAdvocacy & OutreachPiloted in Fall 2018 at UC Berkeley, SWE++ is a Computer Science (CS) outreach program with a goal of encouraging middle school girls to pursue CS by providing peers and role models who are passionate about CS. The 10-session semester teaches Scratch and Python and concludes with Tech Day, a day of workshops including Circuits, Machine Learning, Arduinos, and App Design. The Berkeley SWE section has run 4 successful semesters with 4 additional university’s SWE sections, either previously or currently running programs based on our curriculum. At Berkeley, we taught over 100 girls from all across the Bay Area in the weekly classes and over 200 at Tech Day. We would like to expand the SWE++ program, providing curriculum and tips on connecting this important age group. Additionally, we will share strategies for instructional resilience as we maintained effective learning after switching to an online format mid-semester of Spring 2020.
Wednesday, November 4Yoga RechargeSpecial EventDescription Coming Soon!
Thursday, November 5Design for Environment- Engineering Better Products through Lifecycle ThinkingTechnical InnovationsDescription Coming Soon!
Thursday, November 5Self-Care LoungeSpecial EventDescription Coming Soon!
Thursday, November 5Not Your Mother’s Career Path: Job Planning 2020 and BeyondCareer Management & DevelopmentWhen we compare the career paths of our parents and mentors to our own, one major difference jumps out: most of us won’t stay in the same place our whole career. This session will explore how to plan a career path through multiple organizations and industries, and work towards not just a dream job—but a wider range of dream responsibilities. We will use a functional model of career planning to identify key professional development needs for a variety of roles and different routes to fulfill them. This will help us address the challenges of career progression awaiting our generation as we aim onward and upward.
Thursday, November 5SuperMom to the Rescue: At Home and in the WorkplaceStrategic LeadershipAs a mom facing some challenges with two different children, I have been focusing a lot on building my knowledge base as a parent. While reading various books (or listening to audio-books in most cases), I found over and over again the strategies being advocated for parenting could be applied to my work-life. These include dealing with conflict, approaching various personality traits differently, selecting specific tools depending on given circumstances, and, of course, knowing yourself and knowing what you need to be successful. As a mom, we deal with these topics everyday in our home life. It’s a matter of perspective to translate these skills from home life to work life. In this Lightning Talk you will learn how your skills as a SuperMom can be leveraged to blend, celebrate differences and get self-care in your work-life.
Thursday, November 5The Power of Networking: Landing My Dream Role Without ApplyingCareer Management & DevelopmentAcademic achievement and a top notch resume are important, yet this session will highlight a “secret weapon” most engineering applicants don’t consider! The connections in your expanding professional network are valuable beyond measure, and can single-handedly accelerate your application submission to premier status! According to a LinkedIn article, over 70% of job applicants receive offers through which they have an established personal connection. As an early career professional and former SWE chapter president, I am eager to share my unique experience showcasing the power of professional networking. This presentation will offer key strategies to help participants build professional networks as an undergraduate student, and leverage their power to yield desirable job offers. The presenter will share a signature career blueprint to optimize networking outcomes.
Thursday, November 5Why We’re Asking the Wrong Questions for Career SuccessSelf-Management & Development“What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s a common question frequently asked, but leads to a fundamentally flawed way of thinking. Society traditionally frames career success as a metaphorical peak that can be reached, a point when you have finally “made it.” But what happens after? And what happens if you change your mind about what you want to “be”? As a Business major turned Astrophysics major turned Systems Engineer, I will explore the unexpected twists and turns of my own career path, and how I have learned to redefine success.
Thursday, November 5Women in Mining: Advancing Gender Diversity in Natural ResourcesInclusion & Cultural Awareness
Thursday, November 5Yoga RechargeSpecial Event
Friday, November 6Don’t Go Chasing Waterfall: Transitioning from Waterfall to AgileTechnical InnovationsWith many organizations seeing benefits to using the agile development methodology, there is a difficulty in adjusting from the traditional waterfall development lifecycle. Organizational culture change, as well as bringing along a customer used to seeing a final product at delivery instead of incremental deliveries compound this difficulty. The presenters will discuss their lessons learned from taking traditional waterfall programs to the agile development methodology, and tips to make the transition easier. As a large defense contractor, we are currently experiencing the challenges of adopting agile on a wide variety of programs. We currently have over 24 programs that have adopted the agile development methodology. This workshop will present the challenges posed to the organization, the elements of the agile development methodology and its value to the organization, as well as first hand insight from individuals on teams who are currently experiencing this shift in development methodology and culture.
Friday, November 6Self-Care LoungeSpecial EventDescription Coming Soon!
Friday, November 6Mommy Guilt: On the Road!Career Management & DevelopmentBeing a working parent comes with challenges, and traveling for work can bring on some intense mommy guilt! Come hear how two mothers of small children have managed work travel and children while doing their best to keep everyone, including themselves, happy. To more effectively manage work trips, we will introduce practical strategies, resources and techniques on communicating with your boss and prepping your family. We will share our experiences of frequent, international, and last minute trips with a focus on how to manage challenges including working spouses, no local family support, breastfeeding, and trying to keep everyone sane. By attending this lightening talk you’ll feel empowered to take that awesome work trip and advance your career without sacrificing your family relationships. Reducing mommy guilt on the road is much easier when you’re informed and prepared!
Friday, November 6Once Upon a Technical PresentationCareer Management & DevelopmentTechnical Presentations can be dry and difficult for audiences to get the most out of them. People often lose focus and become bored with what is being presented. Generally, we view storytelling as the opposite to technical presentations, but stories are what humans enjoy hearing. Combining our technical presentations with storytelling is key to effectively delivering the message we want audiences to leave with. Learn how to structure your presentations and use storytelling to engage your audience, deliver a clear narrative that is easier for your audience to follow, and effectively use time management skills. We will practice different storytelling techniques through hands-on exercises so you will leave the session prepared to present successfully!
Friday, November 6Pranayama – Breathing Techniques for EngineersSelf-Management & DevelopmentHave you ever felt the calming power of your breath but felt the study and practice of breathing technique is too mystifying to give a try? This session aims to provide a unique way of explaining breathing techniques that engineers can understand and use in their everyday life. In this session, we will use analogy from mechanical, sound and electrical engineering to explain conscious breathing techniques and practical ways to use them in your life. We will discuss the various frequencies of brain wave and how it affects our mood. We will look into the flow of air from the thermo dynamic perspective and use basics of electrical engineering to understand your breath. This session will also involve practical learning which the audience can use in the everyday life.
Friday, November 6Starting an Affinity Group at Work: Best Practices and ChallengesInclusion & Cultural AwarenessDescription Coming Soon!
Friday, November 6The Extreme Importance of Negotiation: Stats, Implications and TacticsCareer Management & DevelopmentEncore presentation of a standing room only 2019 session! A contributor to the wage gap is that women are far less likely to negotiate their salaries or even name a desired salary when asked.  The implications of this are compounding and astounding.  To improve their own skills, Heather and Jen have combed the resources in this area and in this talk will share stats and projections that will get you fired up for your next negotiation and then give you tactics and knowledge to do it right.
Friday, November 6Yoga RechargeSpecial EventDescription Coming Soon!
Saturday, November 7How Tablets and Apps Engage and Enable The Factory FloorTechnical InnovationsDescription Coming Soon!
Saturday, November 7Self-Care LoungeSpecial EventsDescription Coming Soon!
Saturday, November 7Presentations That Will Get You That JobCareer Management & DevelopmentEngineers are a special class of professionals! Among others, they hold problem-solving skills that require a high level of intelligence. But being smart is not enough, engineers need to be able to be effective communicators. Effective communication can lead to a successful engineering career. How can engineers get that desirable job if they cannot effectively communicate their talents? Join this session to learn about how to effectively present your skills to all kinds of audiences. See what type of presentations engineers have been doing. Learn about two complementary perspectives on technical communications: the assertion-evidence approach and creative research communications. And gather some tips on how to improve your presentations. At the end of the session, you should be able to forget about old-fashioned techniques and use new methods to increase your effectiveness in communication to get THAT job.
Saturday, November 7The Corporate Conundrum of Diversity and InclusionInclusion & Cultural AwarenessA diverse panel including a board member, emerging young leaders, a male advocate, and an HR leader will share their thoughts about the limited success of D&I programs in corporate America. The conundrum for many companies is that achieving diversity and inclusion requires them to rethink the very culture and systems that have made them successful. To challenge corporate norms is not an easy undertaking and will take courage, especially from those who have found success via the status quo. To create a corporate culture where diversity thrives, leaders who have led with authority and confidence will instead need to rely on humility and vulnerability. The panel will draw from their diverse experiences and backgrounds to provide insights on how corporate “soul-searching” may be the key to experiencing the true richness of diversity.
Saturday, November 7Using Artistic Expression to Overcome Math Phobia and Diversify EngineeringAdvocacy & OutreachAre you looking for ways to diversify your outreach events? Over the past four years, Yale GradSWE has developed outreach activities that lessen math phobia’s power by introducing math, coding, and electronics as tools for artistic expression. Our activities are designed to be challenging, doable, and fun, allowing students to realize that mastering technical skills takes practice, not innate ability. Feedback after these events demonstrated that we have been able to attract students not previously considering engineering and excite them about the field. In this session, we will cover some example activities that Yale GradSWE developed for middle and high schoolers and discuss what was particularly effective about each activity, empowering attendees to implement similar activities as part of their own outreach efforts. We will end the session by modeling a successful hands-on activity, using the SpinWheel, a STEM educational kit we released on Kickstarter.
Saturday, November 7When Life Gives You Lemons – Managing Unplanned Career TransitionsCareer Management & DevelopmentWe all have a plan for what we want our career path to look like, but what happens when things don’t go according to said plan? From falling out of love with a dream job, to being asked to resign, to being forced to pivot for personal reasons, unexpected career changes can surprise you, devastate you, or act as a springboard for personal growth. Join me to help prepare for when these situations arise. Learn how to manage the stress, figure out next steps, and make lemonade from a tough situation. You will leave feeling confident that you will be able to work through any of life’s career curve balls.
Saturday, November 7When Stretching Meets Your Desk ChairSelf-Management & DevelopmentAs engineers, we all too often spend our days at our desks for hours at a time. This can leave us exhausted, stressed and sore. Taking short stretch breaks during the day can keep your mind relaxed and your body more comfortable so that throughout the day you can stay refreshed and your mind and body are ready to take on the challenges you are faced with. During this session, I will walk everyone through some breathing techniques and stretching exercises that can be performed at your office desk. Each of these exercises only take a few moments and as a whole routine can be performed in a matter of just a few minutes. Breathe in and stretch out at your desk.
Saturday, November 7Yoga RechargeSpecial EventsDescription Coming Soon!
Monday, November 910 Technical Guidelines to Use When Evaluating a Bidder’s ProposalCareer Management & DevelopmentYou are on the job and the contract formation specialist distributes the request for proposal (RFP) forms as required for evaluation. You know nothing about the bidder or how to technically evaluate proposals for the scope of work (SOW) that’s been assigned to your area. This session will help you assess and evaluate the bidder’s proposal with 10 simple guidelines and a scoring system.
Monday, November 9Hidden Side of AITechnical InnovationsArtificial intelligence is heavily trending today – it’s the beginning of a new era. From autonomous driving to immersive shopping, technology is bringing it all to your fingertips. This session is an attempt to dive deeper into what all of this really means, how it happens and what is in it for you as a technologist as well as an end user. However, there are many dangers of using AI, from amplifying historical biases to making decisions that we cannot interpret. With the rise of AI-based solutions, the need for us to understand the motivation behind these black-box models is imperative. We explore real scenarios that show the perils of using AI in the wild. Learn how these risks can be addressed using various techniques throughout the model development and deployment process.
Monday, November 9Breaking Free from Barriers: Explore STEM CareersAdvocacy & OutreachAn African proverb states that “If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.” By the end of the century it is estimated that Nigeria will be the third largest nation in the world. If it can address its challenges, Nigeria could become the first African Superpower. I live in Charlotte, NC and recently collaborated with SWE Global Ambassadors to do outreach work in Lagos, Nigeria. We have reached approximately 1000 female students in the first quarter of this year with the message that they can break free from the strictures of society to explore different STEM career pathways. We will be doing similar outreaches in Port Harcourt and Abuja. We will set up SWENEXT clubs in secondary schools through which we will offer coaching and mentoring services and engineering activities. Our vision is to transform communities through STEM Education.
Monday, November 9Create an Impeccable Roadmap Catering to Self-EnrichmentSelf-Management & DevelopmentSelf-awareness is essential to lead a thriving balanced life. Setting personal goals and acquiring time management skills is vital for the same. Join me to recognize how self-assessment is transformative. It is crucial to hold accountability for actions, re-learn and in turn, make better mistakes in future. This session will enhance a resilient spirit and inform participants how to handle failures and stressful scenarios. An individual who is assertive, flexible and composed can effectively reach a better quality of well-being. In this valuable session, you will gain a thorough knowledge on how to set realistic short-term goals, which essentially provides a map for long-term ones. I will provide an overview of the role of patience, strict deadlines and it’s impact on actualizing self development. The participants will bear witness to a knowledgeable and systematic approach for self growth and management.
Monday, November 9Engineering and Technology ABET Accreditation and How to Become InvolvedCareer Management & DevelopmentThe accreditation of engineering and technology programs influences all aspects of engineering professional practice. Universities develop programs following prescribed student outcomes, industry hires engineering graduates with a known skill-set, and engineering licensing exams are formulated based on engineering program criteria. Understanding how general and specific program criteria are developed through accreditation, can improve communications and expectations between practicing engineers especially when interacting with cross-disciplinary teams. Find out how you can volunteer through your professional program to shape the engineering and technology professionals of tomorrow.
Monday, November 9Factoring in the Human: What is Human Factors Engineering?Technical InnovationsWherever there is a system, there is a person to use it. That’s where Human Factors Engineering comes in. In this session, you will get a practical introduction to Human Factors Engineering and understand the interaction between the human user and their environment. Human Factors Engineering aims to improve the human-system interaction by understanding the capabilities and limitations of the human operator. You will learn how principles of Human Factors Engineering are used to evaluate existing systems or design new ones. Come discover ways to incorporate Human Factors Engineering into your discipline and improve your organization.
Monday, November 9Five Quick Tips for Constructive CollaborationInclusion & Cultural AwarenessHow often are you frustrated by disagreements with colleagues, or discussions that never get resolved? You don’t have the time or mental energy to miss valuable input, or to be stuck in a stalemate. This session will give you five quick tips to help you constructively collaborate across your organization, while keeping a positive tone, turning conflict into opportunity, and leveraging your team to find optimal solutions.
Monday, November 9Job Titles and Building a TeamStrategic LeadershipJob Titles are traditionally created for specific fields and can drive unintended behavior within a team as well as limit the request of the actual skills needed. This is especially true within engineering and can constrain the leader in building a team. Early in the project, along with establishing scope; the job description and required skills need to be established in order to have a successful project. Ensuring skills and strengths of team members are the focus can build more ownership for the team. This talk will cover some standard job titles, their standard description and how many are utilized. As a leader this will assist in discovering new perspectives for establishing a team, recognize the difference between job skills and job titles and apply lessons learned from previous project(s) and experiences from other teams.
Monday, November 9Man vs Machine: Expert Intuition in the Machine Learning EraTechnical InnovationsAs algorithms become more prominent in our everyday lives, many consider the nature of analytic and intuitive judgments as oppositional. After all, how could a simple algorithm replace years of collective expertise? The question should not be whether algorithms are better than intuitive judgments. This question is how both machine learning and expert intuitions can be combined to generate optimal results. This session will explore the surprising science behind how expert intuition is developed and how much it can be trusted, when it is desirable to leverage intuitive judgments over algorithms, and how to combine both for optimal results.
Monday, November 9Self-Care LoungeSpecial EventsDescription Coming Soon!
Monday, November 9Yoga RechargeSpecial EventsDescription Coming Soon!
Tuesday, November 10All Systems Go! My Life as a Systems EngineerCareer Management & DevelopmentAs a Systems Engineer, I am constantly assessing “am I doing the right things” and “am I doing the things right” in my personal life and in my career. This approach has led me through a multi-disciplined career path including sales, operations, supply chain, quality, and systems engineering, including advanced business and technical degrees. I also apply systems engineering concepts in my personal life as a sprint-triathlete and home chef. In this session, I will define systems engineering and systems engineering concepts, such as system requirement development, decomposition, verification, and validation. I will relate these systems engineering concepts to my personal life and career. I will also compare a lattice vs. a ladder career path.
Tuesday, November 10Crossing Swim Lanes through Additive ManufacturingCareer Management & DevelopmentDescription Coming Soon!
Tuesday, November 10Cultivating Curiosity in Girls through SWENext ClubsAdvocacy & OutreachSWENext Clubs have been rapidly growing across the country but SWE members often wonder – “How can I get involved?”  This workshop will give the current status of SWENext clubs, show you how to find one in your area, provide tangible resources and ideas of how SWE members can engage with SWENext Clubs, and provide resources starting your own SWENext Club. Also, the SWENext Club Challenge winners will make a guest appearance so you can learn about the program first-hand from high school-aged SWENext Club members!
Tuesday, November 10Fibrous Ablators: Materials That Can Take the Heat!Technical InnovationsAblative materials in thermal protection systems (TPS) are used in aerospace applications to protect passengers and payload from critical degradation in high temperature conditions. The standard ablator, phenolic impregnated carbon ablator (PICA), is composed of carbon fibers embedded in a phenolic resin. Because the fibers are oriented randomly, properties are not isotropic throughout the material; however, they are generally simplified to an imprecise macroscopic average that neglect local variations entirely. Here, we present a stochastic modeling approach that allows for assessment of properties as a function of local structure. The approach includes a computational toolkit for generating physically-motivated model representative volume elements (RVE’s), and a methodology for computing the distribution of thermomechanical properties and permeability for each mRVE. Based on these results, local variation in fiber geometry within ablatives must be a major design consideration moving forward.
Tuesday, November 10Self-Care LoungeSpecial EventsDescription Coming Soon!
Tuesday, November 10No Longer an Afterthought, Infusing Ethics Synergistically into CoursesTechnical InnovationsEthics has been a cornerstone of accreditation for many programs for years. Recently the Mozilla Foundation set forth the Responsible CS Challenge that was awarded to 17 programs around the United States to address the need to create a healthier internet by leveraging education. As part of our award at the University at Buffalo, we infused ethics into several existing courses across a computer science and engineering curriculum without redesigning the course. By not having to start over, it becomes more efficient and attractive to infuse ethics. This approach has also allowed for the integration of ethics to fit more naturally to the course content. You will learn more about the our Responsible CS Challenge Award, how to identify ethical ideas that complement your course, and create a plan to infuse those ideas to enhance the learning outcomes of your course.
Tuesday, November 10Not Crazy, Maybe Rich, Definitely AsianInclusion & Cultural AwarenessUnderstanding the cause-and-effect relationship between cultural norms and workplace behavior is complex yet imperative in an age of globalization and intertwining cultures. Growing up as a first-generation Asian American, my parents’ displayed the typical “Model Minority” traits of hard work, humility, and high expectations where anything below A- is an “Asian Fail”. Amongst milestone meetings and workplace banter, I often catch myself doing the “humblebrag”, attempting to dismiss recognitions of my engineering abilities. Those cultural influences unintentionally encourage symptoms of Imposter Syndrome affecting not only Asian American women but also women of all backgrounds. Through sharing my journey of overcoming self-doubt, unrealistic expectations, and fear of challenging authority, more women will gain a new perspective on how their unique backgrounds, if leveraged positively, can contribute to their personal development and success.
Tuesday, November 10Practice Makes Perfect: How Manufacturing Kata Can Facilitate Personal DevelopmentSelf-Management & DevelopmentNot sure how to tackle your personal development goal? Chances are, the way to reach that goal isn’t linear or outlined for your convenience. It may take incremental trial and error that you learn from, to keep moving closer to your goal. But with a stretch goal, how can you stay on track to get there? The improvement kata is a structured four step practice which facilitates learning from each iteration performed, to move from the current to target condition. When the goal is broken down into small, concrete steps, you can embrace failures as they happen and continue finding the way to your end goal. However, it doesn’t end with that one goal. Practicing kata fosters scientific thinking and a problem-solving mindset. For those who are curious about building a roadmap for personal development targets, kata can be a grounding practice that empowers you to take on any challenge.
Tuesday, November 10SWE Late Career & Retiree Members: The JourneyInclusion & Cultural AwarenessAre you a Late Career or Retiree SWE member? SWE has an Affinity Group (formerly SWE Senior Member AG) to represent the interests of the more experienced member. Goals include ensuring relevant programming, providing networking opportunities specifically for this group, channeling the deep commitment of experienced members to giving back and offering opportunities to connect at all levels, and to appreciate and acknowledge the many contributions of this group. The group will also be a pathway of communication to the board. Attend this informal session to find out more and to join in on the discussion.
Tuesday, November 10Truths and Myths About Working Part TimeCareer Management & DevelopmentDescription Coming Soon!
Tuesday, November 10Walking the Tightrope of Assertiveness & Playing to your PersonalitySelf-Management & DevelopmentIf you’ve ever been called too bossy and aggressive, or too quiet and nice, then you know what a tough balancing act it is to be a woman in the workplace! Come discuss with two women at opposite sides of the spectrum, who have compared notes and learned from each other. Discover how to build from your core personality, while interweaving alternate strategies, to make the best of the seemingly impossible expectations we face. Understand you aren’t alone, feel confident in your conversations, and find ways to support the women around you, so we can climb to new heights and master the tightrope of assertiveness.
Tuesday, November 10Yoga RechargeSpecial EventsDescription Coming Soon!
Wednesday, November 11Building Psychological Safety for Innovation and GrowthSelf-Management & DevelopmentDescription Coming Soon!
Wednesday, November 11Business Planning Workshop: Starting Your Side HustleCareer Management & DevelopmentDo you want to develop your own business, but don’t know where to start? Are you worried that you won’t have the time in your busy schedule? A side hustle is a great low-risk approach to exploring entrepreneurship while creating career-changing opportunities. Our session will give you a step-by-step guide to turning your idea or passion into a small business. We will share our own success in developing small businesses alongside full-time careers and the challenges we faced along the way. In particular, we will discuss the fundamentals of business planning, including developing a mission statement, unique brand, marketing plan, customer base, financial statements, and legal structures. By outlining your business plan, you will leave this workshop with the confidence to pursue you goals and a strategy to build a business with significance.
Wednesday, November 11Empowering Girls to Innovate at a Young AgeAdvocacy & OutreachIndustry is having a representation problem with women in STEM but this issue starts way before college. Research shows that middle-school-aged girls are already formulating ideas about what they should be interested and, more importantly what they shouldn’t, even before having hands-on exposure to those fields, including in STEM! As a way to empower girls to consider STEM, inspired by SWE’s “WOW! That’s Engineering!”, we created a program called LL G.I.R.L. (Girls’ Innovation Research Lab) consisting of a series of day-long, hands-on, interactive, thought-provoking workshops with underrepresented middle school girls to expose them to various STEM areas, with an innovative twist. We will be discussing the ideology guiding our outreach effort, how we formulate and mature our workshops, go into our lessons learned, and share our impact thus far. We encourage you to come and get inspired on ways to reach out to girls in your community!
Wednesday, November 11Geothermal – The ‘Hottest’ Trend in Renewable EnergyTechnical InnovationsGeothermal energy is the single source of renewable energy with the largest growth potential in the United States. It is an enormous untapped resource lying just a mile under the Earth’s surface that uses naturally occurring pockets of hot water and steam to generate electricity and heating. Recent studies have shown that with advances in science and technology and appropriate market incentives, geothermal energy generation could increase more than twenty-six fold from today, reaching 60 gigawatts of capacity by 2050. Geothermal is such a clean energy source that greenhouse gas emissions are estimated to be just 25% of those produced from solar energy. This session will tell you everything you need to know about the ‘hottest’ new source of renewable energy, including: how it works, key challenges, and the current key investments and programs the Department of Energy is undertaking to explore the full potential of this untapped resource.
Wednesday, November 11Self-Care LoungeSpecial EventsDescription Coming Soon!
Wednesday, November 11Leading an Agile Transformation: Intersections of Emotional Intelligence and LeadershipStrategic LeadershipLeading a company through Agile and digital transformation can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. The key difference between ‘becoming Agile’ and ‘doing Agile’ is empathy. By meeting the real needs of customers, treating employees like humans rather than resources, and engaging with teams to help them solve their own problems, being a successful agent of change requires connecting deeply with the people who you are trying to engage rather than simply applying your solutions to their problems. In this talk, you will gain understanding of the importance of integrating emotional intelligence into your leadership style and learn some simple strategies for exercising empathy in your role, affording everyone in the room the opportunity to be a leader.
Wednesday, November 11Overcoming Trauma: Advocating for Yourself and OthersInclusion & Cultural AwarenessDuring my first internship, my life changed after a traumatic car accident. Without my team of advocates, navigating life after trauma would have been infinitely more difficult. There are more than 3 million non-fatal serious injuries a year in the Unite States, half of which are traumatic brain injuries. Today, the audience will learn how to become advocates for those who have suffered traumatic injuries. Attendees will learn about the different types of trauma and the stages of recovering from trauma, including ways to effectively return to work or school. Participants will additionally learn about how to combat common misconceptions and stereotypes trauma victims face. By the end of the session, participants will have a list of additional local and national resources they can reach out to for additional help.
Wednesday, November 11Speak Up, Take Charge, Lean InSelf-Management & DevelopmentBeing female in a traditionally male-dominated industry like manufacturing is challenging. Discover how Jamie carved out her own niche, starting as a fresh science graduate and pivoting into tech to set up HP’s Smart Manufacturing Application and Research Center in 2017. As a female tech leader, she continued to drive the adoption of Industry 4.0 (IIOT, Big Data, collaborative robots, autonomous intelligent vehicles, AI, machine learning) in manufacturing. The formula to success is in our hands. Take control of how you want to feel and be treated. Be open to accepting help. Go all in and be visible! Learn from Jamie’s personal journey where she honed her self-awareness, followed her interests, leveraged on her strengths and created a network of advocates in her 20+ year career in manufacturing.
Wednesday, November 11Sustainability Outreach: Inspiring the Next Generation to Change the WorldAdvocacy & OutreachK-12 students care about making a difference, for the environment and society. Including sustainability projects in outreach helps K-12 students connect engineering with making a difference in their local communities and society. Most STEM outreach activities have the potential for environmental and social improvements to be included so that K-12 students can learn how engineering can help them solve real world problems and be more innovative thinkers. In this workshop, attendees will participate in group activities incorporating sustainability into STEM outreach activities. The presenter will provide an overview of how environmental and social topics are applied in engineering and discuss the importance of developing and implementing sustainability objectives into outreach activities. Strategies will include techniques for engaging K-12 students with local community, environmental, and societal issues. Then the presenter will moderate breakout groups for practicing the strategies on example projects.
Wednesday, November 11The Journey to Net Neutral: Reimagining Energy with BPTechnical Innovations“The world’s carbon budget is finite and running out.” – Bernard Looney, BP CEO. Join us to learn about what BP is doing to become a net zero company by 2050 or sooner. We’ll be talking about how energy companies, specifically BP, are changing and what challenges we are tackling. This year BP announced aims which equate to a reduction in emissions to net zero from what is currently around 415 MteCO2e a year. And we’re not just aiming to change BP, we want to help the world get to net zero too. In this session we’ll also help you measure your personal carbon footprint, so you can start making impactful individual changes today.
Wednesday, November 11What’s it like Working IT in a Non-Tech Company?Career Management & DevelopmentWorking in IT at a company where technology is not its core business has both challenges and advantages. The IT department is a crucial component for any type of company. What are the opportunities? What are the obstacles? How can you stay current on new technologies and skillsets with the rapid advancements in technology? In this session, hear the perspective of an IT professional with 15+ years working IT outside of the Tech industry and learn how you can sustain a successful career in a non-tech company.
Wednesday, November 11Yoga RechargeSpecial EventsDescription Coming Soon!
Thursday, November 12Accelerating Pandemic Surveillance Using Proximity Based AI ModelsTechnical InnovationsIn the case of a pandemic, it is very difficult to monitor individuals who have come into touch with the infected person. The government is spending a lot of man power across the world to hunt down the possible victims. Our solution is to use machine learning algorithm to predict and identify the people who were in close contact with the affected person based on proximity of cell phones and form a decision tree. The decision tree may have various decisions points such as location, proximity, time span of proximity, etc. The decision points can be extended to include the few external dependency like nature of virus, spread pattern etc. Finally, the tree would suggest the chain of people  who are most likely to get infected with the virus
Thursday, November 12Crush Your Academic Job SearchCareer Management & DevelopmentAcademic job searches are unique. Each application requires a cover letter, curriculum vita, research statement, and a teaching statement at a minimum. It can be a daunting task to create and update each of those documents for each university that you plan to apply to. This session will provide tips and tricks for managing the whole job search process from job post to offer letter. Whether you are looking for your first academic job or a mid-career job change this session will help you find resources and stay organized during a successful job search. The session will provide perspectives from the job candidate and the search committee. The goal of this session is to have a flipped interactive session, so come with questions about academic job searches.
Thursday, November 12Inspiring the Next Generation of Women in Computer ScienceAdvocacy & OutreachThe median income for a computer scientist is $58,000 higher than the national average income. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the field will continue to grow, yet fewer than 1 in 5 computer science graduates are women. Why are so few women entering this field and what can we do to change this? Several studies have shown that girls begin to lose interest in computer science/ coding between the ages of 13-17, yet their male peers do not. In this talk, we will identify and discuss the reasons girls ages 13-17 lose interest in computer science and how to encourage young women to pursue computer science.
Thursday, November 12Intelligent Operations – Innovation to Power the Cloud!!Technical InnovationsThe next frontier for AI is optimization of large scale IT operations and enable better decision making of Cloud based deployments. This session will cover domain agnostic techniques and tools using predictive intelligence to drive efficient operations of IT deployments at scale. The technology presented will demonstrate the value of effective log analysis, aggregation and correlation algorithms to address common challenges of operating large scale deployments. The talk will demonstrate a reusable framework for identifying risk areas, developing analysis engines and defining operational checkpoints to gain value expeditiously out of these AIOps based deployment models. The session will also draw upon current operational case studies to demonstrate benefits of investing in predictive AI based DevOps solutions including nearly zero downtime, low time to incident detection and response, operational cost reduction and high customer satisfaction. This methodology can be extended to optimize operations for big data and hyperscale on-prem IT deployments.
Thursday, November 12Self-Care LoungeSpecial EventsDescription Coming Soon!
Thursday, November 12Pick Your Brain: Putting Neurodiversity to WorkInclusion & Cultural AwarenessWould you be surprised to know that some of the most talented engineers are often unemployed for extended periods of time? Or that many students with strong engineering capabilities aren’t pursuing engineering studies? This is because some of the neurological traits that are often beneficial to engineering problem-solving (pattern-detection, mathematical aptitude, hyperfocus, creativity) are strengths of individuals with atypical cognitive function. Individuals with autism, ADHD, or dyslexia, for example, often exhibit traits many engineering companies and universities would want, but the idiosyncrasies that come with their disorders are not often well-accommodated. In this session, we will discuss what neurodiversity is, the obstacles facing neurodiverse individuals in engineering, and how neurodiversity can benefit classrooms and companies. We will hear from neurodiverse individuals about their experience in the field and work interactively to brainstorm ways to adapt traditional professional and academic environments to benefit all types of brains.
Thursday, November 12Strategizing your SWE Career PlanSelf-Management & DevelopmentDescription Coming Soon!
Thursday, November 12The Power of BudgetingSelf-Management & DevelopmentDo you ever wonder if you need a budget? Have you ever started a budget but then forgot to maintain it? Do you feel like budgeting is only for people with money problems? Whether you’re an established professional, collegiate, spender, saver, debt-free, extravagantly broke, or anywhere in between, everyone needs a budget. Budgeting can enlighten spending patterns, empower intentional decisions about money, and enable the achievement of financial goals you never thought possible. In this session, you’ll learn basic money management principles that will shift (or maybe even excite!) your perspective on budgeting and provide a foundation for financial discussions and decisions. This session will teach you how to prioritize and plan, so you have money for the things that are most important to you – whatever they are. You’ll learn how to build a budget and be intentional about every dollar. Budgeting shouldn’t be painful, so why let it?
Thursday, November 12The Power of Culture: Bring Everyone In, Lift Everyone UpInclusion & Cultural AwarenessThe idea that diverse and inclusive workplaces create value sounds intuitive enough, yet companies still struggle to take action and move the needle. Today, women lead only 2.8% of FORTUNE Global 500 companies. How do we take ideas, proven by research, to improve innovation and actually apply them in our workplaces? How do we create a culture that lifts up our fellow women to give them a voice in corporate board rooms and C-level suites? The fact is that workplaces of equality promote the advancement of not only women, but all workers. Join us for an inspiring session as Tamara Fields dives into her own journey and experience with diversity and advancement in the workplace. Learn practical and actionable strategies for building a more inclusive culture that not only brings everyone in, but lifts everyone up.
Thursday, November 12Winds of Change: Embracing New Opportunities in Renewable EnergyCareer Management & DevelopmentDo you want to apply your technical skills to help the planet? In 2019, women held 32% of jobs in the renewable energy industry — 10% more than in the oil and gas industry. In this session, we will cover what it’s like to work in this rapidly changing and growing sector. The panel will include engineers from diverse roles spanning manufacturing, design, analytics and services. They will discuss the twists and turns that got them to where they are today and the engineering skill sets they utilize. The session will also cover how high-level policy and market dynamics affect our work as engineers.
Thursday, November 12Yoga RechargeSpecial EventsDescription Coming Soon!
Friday, November 13All You Need to Know about Graduate School: Masters, Ph.D., and Beyond! Career Management & DevelopmentWhether you love learning or want to pursue a certain career, graduate school may be piquing your interest. We’ve been there too, and we want to help! This panel, composed of graduate students and academic professionals with diverse backgrounds and career goals, will demystify some common misconceptions about graduate school. Topics of discussion will include: How to achieve your research or professional goals through graduate school What are the available degree paths, including in-person and online options How to apply What to expect once you’re accepted There’s a ton to know, and we understand that it can feel overwhelming. This session will equip attendees for success when applying and entering graduate programs.
Friday, November 13Applying Project Management Techniques to Research in AcademiaStrategic LeadershipManaging a lab and research grants can be a steep learning curve for new faculty. Generally, management techniques are learned through mentorship and practice in graduate school and postdoc positions. There are lots of parallels between managing projects in academia and industry, except that the books and resources from industry aren’t generally used in academia. In this session, resources from leading project management organizations, SWE, and popular books will be shared including how the lessons can be adapted to academic projects. These techniques can be used with students at any level for project teams, research labs, and grants. I will draw upon my experiences as a project engineer in the aerospace industry and transition into academia. This will be an interactive session with time for questions throughout.
Friday, November 13Dr. Mom – Making Time for Higher EducationCareer Management & DevelopmentMany graduate students balance family life and academic responsibilities while completing advanced degrees. Some even work while enrolled. Sometimes, it may seem like there aren’t enough hours in a day to accomplish everything. But somehow, we always find enough cases to prove that it can be done, that we can have it all. This session is led by a mom of two, who is pursuing her doctorate degree along with maintaining a challenging career and job. She provides actionable tips, expert advice and a real-life case study to help students with families find the support and guidance needed to thrive as a student, employee, partner and parent.
Friday, November 13It’s Not JUST Rocket Science: Demystifying STEM OutreachAdvocacy & OutreachBy third grade girls have decided if STEM is or is not for them. With the engineering and manufacturing industry growing and interest in STEM stagnating, society can’t have half of the population counting themselves out before they’ve had a chance to truly learn what engineering is. Through this interactive session we will learn best practices for incorporating creative play into STEM education, techniques to engage students inside and outside a classroom, and how to talk about engineering with words and ideas that resonate with students. Together, we can inspire the next generations of technologists to truly believe they have, and can help build, a future that is stronger with STEM!
Friday, November 13It’s a Small World: Technological Advancements in Nanoscale Additive ManufacturingTechnical InnovationsAdvancements in additive manufacturing are currently transforming the way industry designs and produces components on the macroscale, specifically in fields like personalized implants, aviation, and construction. The miniaturization trends in the field like electronics has led to considerable interest in 3D printing at the submicrometer scale. The emergence of technologies such as direct ink writing, laser induced photoreduction, and focused electron beam induced deposition have led to the achievement of complex, direct write 3D printing of metallic nanostructures with nanometer resolution. Movement towards direct-write 3d nanoprinting introduces significant flexibility for device fabrication and have the potential to revolutionize many fields/industries including electronics and microrobotics, (N)MEMS, and photonics/plasmonics. Take a journey through the miniaturization of 3D printing technologies and the new world they create.
Friday, November 13Self-Care LoungeSpecial EventsDescription Coming Soon!
Friday, November 13Question of the Day: a Tool for Team BuildingInclusion & Cultural AwarenessMonotonous meetings are not fun for anybody. The leader shares information that could have just as easily been sent in an email, and the rest of the room rarely speaks. In this case, there was no benefit to meeting up in the same room. The purpose of meetings needs to be re-evaluated. Meetings are scheduled for 30, 45, or 60 mins; Instead of spending the entire time sharing facts and figures, it is worth setting time aside for small talk, in the form of a “”Question of the Day””, or QotD. QotDs are an engaging and exciting way to start a meeting. They help people bring down their walls and interact with one another, ultimately bringing a team closer together. Through this talk, you will learn how to write and implement Questions of the Day that make every meeting memorable.
Friday, November 13The Power of Self-Love in Achieving Your GoalsSelf-Management & DevelopmentThe familiar announcement heard on most every flight- “Put your own mask on first before helping others” does not only apply to flying but to everything you do in your personal and business life. Women, in particular, have a tendency of putting everyone else’s needs before theirs. This can not only hurt their career but also physical and mental well-being. In this session, the speakers will share why Self-Love is crucial to regaining physical and mental well-being as well as inspire high levels of productivity. They will share powerful personal stories on how they utilized the power of Self-Love to achieve their goals and pursue their passions. In this hands-on workshop style session, the audience will learn the three key pillars of acceptance, reflection and self-care to jumpstart their journey to Self-Love.
Friday, November 13Which YOU is Leading your Team?Strategic LeadershipCompanies are demanding more innovation and agility from teams; while not really understanding what’s needed to get there. One female leader was congratulated on her team’s success while also asked to stop doing “those people activities”. Depending on your culture, you may be adjusting your behaviors and tactics to make things work out. In this workshop, you are the Case Study – if you complete this assessment (https://assess.predictiveindex.com/zn9R) beforehand. It will identify traits you are masking or magnifying – and the extent to which you are doing so. Why? Because if you don’t see your own adaptations, it’s hard to identify them in others. We will discuss the ramifications of leading with your authentic self and to thrive in different environments.
Friday, November 13Yoga RechargeSpecial EventsDescription Coming Soon!

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